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Staffing Processes & Technology

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Staffing Processes & Technology

Staffing! A tedious task to do, isn’t it? IT Staffing can be overwhelming if done without proper assistance. The process to shortlist the right person for the job in the piles of applications can be haunting and to erase this experience, technologies are required in the staffing process. The need for technology erupts to streamline the staffing process that has worked for several years and integrated it with advanced technologies to generate quick results for the clients. 

There are platforms where employees can reach their required talents and work on their acquisition and retention. Platforms like CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in marketing and ERM (Employee Relationship Management) in HR have leveraged technology to build a relationship between customers/employees and service providers/employers. 

The traditional application ATS ( Application Tracking System) tracks the potential candidate required for the job and creates a bridge between employer and candidate for talent acquisition and recruitment. This is being integrated with ERM and CRM is generating great results for organizations.

 Can you believe that over 98% of fortune 500 companies use recruiting software, whereas 78% of ATS users have claimed that the software has made their recruitment process smooth and glitch-free?

Understanding Why Technology is Important in Staffing!

Tracking applications can ease the process of recruitment. The applications have time-saving features that support your recruitment team in engaging, interacting, and re-engaging with the most desirable candidates. The software for recruitment is being used in several industries of every magnitude big or small to increase efficiency, recruitment speed, and quality of recruitment. 

According to 94% of recruiters and hiring experts using a recruiting program has a beneficial influence on their hiring process. The stats clearly show technology drives success in staffing! How? Let’s understand!

  • Technology improves ROI & Efficiency

    Technology saves a lot of time for business decisions by sparing time from recruitment & sorting. The time saved is used to make better decisions and amplify the efficiency of decisions.

  • Technology creates an Interaction Platform

    Businesses can be more interconnected with the technologies as people are more interactive on the platforms. The employees and employers get a bridge to interact one-to-one and create and so technology is the requirement.

  • Technology automates the task

    Technology automates routine tasks to generate free time and allows you to focus on more innovative and growth-related tasks. Softwares effectively manages time for you. 

Planning the Staffing to optimize the Cost with a Partner

The technology for staffing streamlines the process of recruitment by generating automated pipelines by analyzing the recruitment requirements and the available skillset. The elimination of physical touchpoints has made the process even smoother. The process carried out by an expert partner for staffing is divided into a few steps and every step is designed to optimize the cost of operation to keep the budget lean. 

Discovery Call & Drafting

The first step of the targeted approach is the discovery call, where the KPI consultants get in touch with the recruiter to understand the project and the talent that is required to fit in the role. Based on the requirement the expert draft a requirement plan for the client to approve. These steps take minimum time and are expected to complete within the same day time.

Recruitment Process

After the drafting of the requirements is done, the experts reach out to the talent pool available on the software to identify the most appropriate ones and sort them for the position. Once done, they face domain SMEs and technical sorting with the consultants. 

Interview & Delivery

The best-chosen candidates are assigned to the hiring client to be interviewed. In case the candidate is selected by the client, the process of test is further carried out by the experts.


With the project in action, the clients have complete access to different case studies, insights, and other databases, and also have free sessions with the experts. 

Selecting the Right Process & Partner

With the outburst of technologies in the market every day, employers need to figure out the right technology that works for their organization. There is an abundance of technologies, a few being generically used by firms, but with the right guidance and the right technology blend, you can create even better results for your firm. The technologies like CRM and ERM can help you pull out the right candidate, but with expert guidance, better results are generated. 

Well, NAKA has been rendering its service in staffing and technologies for a long time and is highly trusted by its collaborated organizations. Trust NAKA to create customized software for your staffing process and make your system more efficient. Visit NAKA now!



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