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Why choose the Infrastructure as a Service route?


Why choose the Infrastructure as a Service route?

Cloud services have taken over the IT industry entirely. Every organization has adopted the technology reviewing its benefits in the longer run. Infrastructure as a service is a core model of cloud computing services. 

As per a recent report by Statista, the global IaaS market spending has exceeded USD 55 B in the first quarter of 2022. The data clearly states one of the most vital driving forces behind the cloud service boom is infrastructure services. 

What is IaaS?

Infrastructure as a Service is a form of cloud computing that eliminates the need to maintain an IT infrastructure for an organization. In general, IaaS providers offer services such as computing, storage, networking, and load balancers. IaaS allows the outsourcing of IT services such as servers, networking, virtual resources, and others according to the pay-as-per- use model. 

IaaS can be easily implemented with all three cloud types, private, public, or hybrid. There is a change in the service process according to the cloud type. Apart from being functional with any cloud type, there are numerous benefits from IaaS that have made it adaptable within cloud services.

Why choose Infrastructure as a Service?

As the search for more agile, economical, and scalable methods continues in organizations, it has been important for organizations to leverage the best technologies available in the market. IaaS has proven itself to be a cost-effective, agile, and flexible IT solution. Apart from being economical, there is a long list of reasons explaining the need to choose IaaS.


The pandemic has brought a shift in the working structure across the globe. Many companies were forced to shift to remote working mode. In such conditions, IaaS has been a blessing for the enterprise. With IaaS in action, an employee can access any required data from anywhere. With access to company data, any employee can retrieve the data with their internet-connected devices. 

The feature has helped organizations to keep their work in check within the deadlines assigned. 


Expansions are very common for any company with time. Infrastructure services are highly scalable and can be conveniently upgraded or downgraded as per the need of the company. If you see a surge in traffic some days, you can conveniently accommodate the spike with IaaS. IaaS is more scalable and economical at the same time as you do not need to buy any more devices to cope with the increasing demands.

Convenient Setup and Maintenance

Saving time is the key to being more productive and take a lead in the competition. Setting up a traditional network can consume up to weeks and be very costly, whereas IaaS can be set up within hours of your decision. The setup is quick, economic, and easy to maintain, allowing you time to shift your focus to growth.

Low-cost Infrastructure

Cost saving is one of the most important aspects of any service offering. IaaS allows the elimination of any excessive hardware purchase, As pay per use model, the organization has to pay only when they use the service. This saves the cost of setup, the purchase of excess hardware, the maintenance cost, metering cost, and others. 

Reduce the stress of the network going down!

You can work, even if the server is down. Business Continuity is another added advantage to IaaS. The availability of various servers and data centers on the network allows you to access the data even if the server is down. In traditional ways, if your in-house server collapses the entire company goes offline, IaaS saves this embarrassment and offers continuous action.

Faster Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

The recovery plans for any network can vary in price and process according to the place. With the minimal time required to restore the network, Infrastructure as a Service is an apt service for business continuity. Everything being on the internet it is easy to deal with the disaster in any part of the globe and work on the continuity of the business. 

Every technology has advantages and disadvantages. Though with IaaS, there are a few disadvantages as well, the above-mentioned advantages weigh more. Despite everything, technology has come out to be emergent. As per the current figures, technology has helped enterprises a lot. NAKA has been offering its IaaS services to digitally transform your business. We can help you achieve your goals with our IT services. Reach out today to get upgraded and advanced IaaS. 



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