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Driving Digital Transformation In Marketing


Driving Digital Transformation In Marketing

Digital Transformation is the new reality of the technology-acquainted world. The evolution of technology in the world has accelerated the pace of growth for businesses. The way businesses have adapted to digital transformation, it can be said that digital transformation is here to stay. Digital transformation has substantially forced companies to rethink the way they invest in technology and do business. 

According to Statista, the expected spending on digital transformation will reach USD 3.4 by 2026. The statistics are projected to rise more as the epidemic spreads and enterprises discover the operational effectiveness of digital transformation.

What is Digital Transformation?

Integrating technology with the current operational process of a company to drive better results, optimize cost, increase efficiency and deliver more value to the customer is Digital Transformation. Companies are using technologies like VR and hyper-automation to create more flexible, agile, and efficient working infrastructure.

Digital transformation has digitally improved business operations. However, when it comes to marketing there has been a larger shift from the traditional practices of marketing with the introduction of new tools and technologies. The purpose of digital marketing is to accelerate the growth of businesses to generate considerable profit in the future.

Digital Marketing & Digital Transformation: The Cordial Companions

Understanding digital transformation is important, but setting the synchronization between digital transformation and digital marketing is even more important. Once we understand the value of DX, we need to figure out the right digital marketing plan to deliver our message and offerings to our clients. Let’s understand the main factors that impact the success of digital transformation for an organization.

Automation & Digital Marketing

Driving successful digital transformation in marketing requires creativity, which demands time and for that time we need to spare the regular task to machines and not humans. The marketing automation process may be time and money-consuming but they sort the regular and routine tasks like sending emails, updates, etc. 

  • Using automation to track the updates and report them can be very useful for the marketing team to plan their next move.
  • The distribution of email newsletters is made convenient with automation.
  • Automating social media posting & Managing lead conversion are other tasks made easy by automation in marketing.

The Sales Funnel

The sales funnel has always been a considerable tool for marketing campaigns in traditional practices. The sales funnel has three major parts:

  • Lead Generation

Learning about the target audience, their tastes, preferences, and other characteristics can aid in developing the best marketing strategy for them.

  • Lead Nurture

Lead nurturing is done in three steps. Interest, where you learn about the audience and their business,  intent wherein you make the audience realize the importance of the service or product in their life, and Consideration, where the buyer is giving your product a thought.

  • Sales 

Conversion means that the buyer has absorbed the options, analyzed them, and made a decision. But with automation, as the KPIs are being recorded, and with the right marketing tools in your bag, you can create a better marketing plan and execute it in less time.

Reevaluation Of Digital Tools & Platforms

Re-evaluation of the existing technology and platforms by the digital marketing team is important to eliminate the ones that are not useful or do not generate ROI. they might just keep on sucking the maintenance expenditures. A thorough examination gives a chance to revive all the technology that is not being used to its full potential thereby encouraging growth.

Key Areas of Digital Marketing

Blending traditional practices with digital marketing technology and tools can improve the digital transformation result considerably. A comprehensive analysis of all the major areas of digital marketing can also add to the results. 


There are certain websites where the target audience has more footfall. The ads are run at those sites and according to per click, an amount is paid to the company. PPC is one of the most prominent methods of driving traffic on the internet. Initially, you pay for the targeted visits to your website, but as the plan is implemented correctly you start earning more than the expense.


Search Engine Optimization is a technique to increase your visibility on the websites and generate quality leads that can be converted. If SEO is done correctly, whenever a person searches for something related or relevant to your company, you start ranking on the website. Tools are abundant for SEO, but a few key techniques to consider while doing SEO are keyword research, web traffic analysis, and link building.

Social Media Marketing

Everyone has a social media handle these days, and it makes social media a magnet for marketers. In marketing, we need a reliable source for promoting the brand, and what better than something that reaches every hand? An engaging social media campaign can enhance the result considerably.

Wrapping Up

The entire discussion can be summarized in a way that marketers need to study their audiences, learn from the pioneers, and add technology in the right way. The technical world is changing every day, and to maintain success, an organization needs to improve constantly. Marketers must constantly update technology and use better methods to reach more and more audiences to increase profit margins. To do the right work, you may need a piece of expert advice. Visit NAKA to get a professional suggestion!



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