Data security

Data Security

Comprehensive Data Security Solutions

Incorporate a well-comprehended risk mitigation planning

Streamline your Approach to Protect your Data

The increasing amount of data, its usage, and generation require immediate security as it involves so much risk of breach. Whatever the size of the organization is, there is a certain amount of risk involved. The constant expansion in data collection and utilization across many data silos in a company has rendered current data protection solutions unsustainable.

To safeguard your organization’s essential data throughout all spheres of business, NAKA’s Data-Centric Security services combine a risk-based methodology with advanced data protection technologies. Our solutions offer comprehensive data security measures to limit the risk and hazards associated with each private data type, as well as individual data silo protection.

The Big Data Analytics market is expected to grow up to 62.10 Billion USD by 2025.
The Data Market is expected to grow at a rate of approximately 7% by 2027.

How Data Security solutions helps your business?

Data Security service provides a comprehensive technical solution for securing sensitive data in your business at all stages of creation, usage, and transport.

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Holistic technological solutions
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Holistic Data Governance
Transformed methodology
Mitigated risks
Risk Assessment and balance
Optimized control
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Our Expertise

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Data Encryption

Hackings are nowadays at their peak and people are getting access to confidential information of an organization along with its client’s data which can pose serious threats to private and public security. These activities can incur huge losses.

NAKA, with its superb data encryption services, can help you in securing your client’s and the organization’s data and can mitigate greater risks. With NAKA’s secure keys, your information is always safe and can be decrypted when its use arises.

Data Loss prevention

Leakage and breach of data can result in difficult situations and can incur huge losses. Sensitive information may get used against you which can hamper the organization’s functions and thrust areas. Prevention of sensitive data, leakage, and unwanted access are important for every institution.

We at NAKA, ensure that vital data only departs the network when it is necessary. We Evaluate, record, and report on the trend of data utilization and make sure that the data has limited exposure when a third party is present.

Classify Data

Sensitive data and its access to an unauthorized party can be dangerous for the organization and its customers. It is found and is commonly seen that many organizations lack user awareness of data sensitivity, and implementation of necessary data security controls is often seen missing in reputed enterprises and needs serious attention.

NAKA has been a significant partner of institutions that are using secured methods for all their daily transactions. NAKA’s Architect classification schema is the one-stop solution for securing your sensitive data, our data security services classify all your latest as well as your present data.

Data Protection Strategy

As the digitization of the world expands in terms of technology, the security of data becomes increasingly crucial. A well-designed and planned protection strategy can help in mitigating risks and managing regulatory compliance.

NAKA data experts and professionals align with your organization’s needs and requirements along with formulating strategies that can help in maintaining the huge flow of data along with adequate security measures.


NAKA offers data security solutions that meet the primary difficulties faced by businesses today by leveraging the deep expertise of a vast pool of experienced data security professionals. NAKA data security services are designed to improve the agility, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of data security and compliance programs for the next generation.

How NAKA does it differently?

Management and rotation of passwords for essential assets Management of privileged sessions, Least Privilege Management, Embedded Credential Management, Endpoint Privilege Planning
Management & proactive monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, disaster response, monthly reporting & assessment
Continuous data collection to identify potential risks and provide insight into any attack risk or weakness
Removing the attack's core source and allowing users to rapidly resume normal operations
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