Connected Workforce

Connected Workforce

Boost your business with a connected workforce.

Continuous improvement is the key to the growth of any business. A connected workforce is a way to continuous improvement.

20Years’ Experience in IT

Unleash the power of a connected workforce to yield results for your business.

NAKA offers your workforce to connect and collaborate most securely. A connected workforce evolves the business environment by driving flexibility, scalability, and security into it. Moving ahead with a connected workforce allows you to move ahead with a future-ready team. We aim to contribute to your growth through our rapid problem-solving practices.

In the digital landscape, a well-connected ecosystem is important to develop a work process for the future. A strongly connected digital workforce is the way to the future.

NAKA has an expert team that works like a trojan to boost the efficiency of your workforce and maintain your workflow in the long run. Our motive is to provide you with skills and services that can navigate your way further. We work with different verticals in business to prepare them for the future and contribute to their growth. We mix our technical experience with your business vision to magnify your success story.

Satisfied Clients
Successful Projects
Skilled Experts
Global Locations

Reconnect your workforce to improve your digital operations.



We work to increase the flexibility of your existing infrastructure with better workforce connection.

Eradicate the problem

We offer rapid deployment of solutions to eradicate the issue and gain maximum output.


With our services to build a connected workforce, you can get a better operational collaboration and evolve in the business.

NAKA Connected Workforce Solutions


To maintain and manage your mobile workforce at ease, it is important to adopt a technology that is competitive and productive in the current landscape. Proper integration of all the devices in one unified endpoint management service serves the purpose of better collaboration.

We work to offer you a solution that streamlines the business process and manages the entire workflow with one end-to-end solution.

Content and collaboration

To solve a complex situation in a business you need a technology that can foster results beyond the place. Getting the right collaboration solution for your business helps in the long-term security and success of the business.

We focus on building collaborative solutions that can optimize the communication and process to save energy, time, and money. We tailor the collaborative business solution according to your business needs.

End-user computing

With the steep rise of technology, it is crucial to simplify the end-user computing solutions for the business to adapt and thrive. We evaluate the day-to-day functioning of the company to align it with the digitally paced world.

We adapt end-user computing services to target the crucial aspects of the business and design a customized solution to meet the specific requirements of the customers.

IT governance & transformation

With IT governance and transformation a company can manage its operations with maximum technology, investment, and innovation. Providing new ways of IT support to your employees can transform your business. With the right enterprise strategy and objectives, governance can be achieved.

We are committed to your results through strong governance and focused engagement, with low cost and a better user experience.

IT Self-service

In-time access by the IT team to the infrastructure and applications is important for the stakeholders to thrive in the business. To maintain better end-user results, it is important to reduce the tiring manual work and introduce the self-service model.

We aim to deliver a rich user experience through smooth integration and effortless implementation of the service.

How can NAKA help you with Connected Workforce solutions?

NAKA evaluates the present infrastructure of your workplace and develops a plan accordingly. Our team works with your vision and your requirements to equip you with the tools and services for a better-connected workforce. We work to connect your workforce securely and stably.
Analyze the present infrastructure
Develop a plan for a unified communication platform
Manage the devices
Enhance security
Workplace transformation
Eradicating any issue

Why NAKA for Connected Workforce?

Methodical solutions
Clear work process
Technology equipped with vision
Continuous progress reports
24*7 helpdesk

Choose The Right Technology Partner


What are the parameters you consider while evaluating workforce interaction and performance?
The three major factors that drive interaction and performance for a workforce are appropriate capabilities, commitment to move as a team and the employee’s trust in the organization. These three factors are the basis of workforce interaction.
How has workforce management changed in the ongoing pandemic?
The pandemic has worked as a catalyst for firms to adopt the future of workforce connection. They have reinvented ways that can quickly transform the workplace. Reskilling and constant interactions amongst the employees have increased transparency and trust in the organizations and they have started to work in a more agile way.
How can a connected workforce align the organization better?
Through a unified platform for interaction with the employees, the organizations have a better way to operate. It has increased the support for managers and made the system more flexible.
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