Drive Innovation and Deliver Better Customer Experience with the Latest Technology

Digital retail solutions to create a better future.

Develop Digital Tactics that can Quickly Respond to Shifting Consumer Needs.

Retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies must be more robust and resilient than ever before to prosper in the post-COVID-19 future. Leaders of today must embrace digital innovation and take advantage of emerging technology to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances.

The experience counts whether you’re buying in-store, ordering online for pickup in-store, shopping from a marketplace or a branded eCommerce site for home delivery, or even ordering over the phone. Data-driven insights will drive lucrative business decisions and provide safe, simple, and immersive consumer and employee experiences. It’s critical to have a solid digital strategy.

The critical requirement for improving supply chain and inventory supervision, improving retail undertakings, increasing sales income, and enabling frictionless, contactless omnichannel experiences. We link merchants, shoppers, and suppliers with an integrated approach at NAKA. Our linked ecosystem provides a better purchase experience for customers, call centers, and suppliers. Software-defined networks and data centers provide our customers with increased connectivity and scalability.

At NAKA, we offer new solutions based on our Smart Retail & CPG analytics strategy and cloud technologies like smart shelves, IoT, digital twin, cash and go, and tracking detectors as a top-five worldwide end-user services supplier with a proven track record. We can assist you in identifying and implementing resiliency-based solutions that will propel your business forward. Any NAKA retail solution includes ingrained security, which includes both cyber and video administration systems for brick-and-mortar establishments. Whether you shop on a desktop, mobile, in-person, or anyplace else, we safeguard your consumer data.

Digital Strategies Can Help You Build Resilience.


Purpose, Trust & Care

We redesign the customer experience and increase top-line sales by gaining useful insights from consumer and store data.


We enable new company models while delivering greater customer service, employee involvement, and operations.

Enhanced Technological Services

We create and implement the correct data analytics and artificial intelligence strategy to help you transform and sustain company value. Make the most of your applications, simplify your IT environment, and make use of cloud, mobility, and virtualization with ease.

NAKA Retail Solutions and Services

Data analytics & AI

Factory closures, stretched supply chains, sourcing difficulties, and even harsh weather are all causing problems for retailers. This is how modern retail works and it will continue to be so in the future. To compete in a rapidly changing environment, retailers must constantly and properly reset their businesses. Being an intelligent enterprise necessitates investing in analytics and AI capabilities.
We can assist you at every level of the process, whether you need to build basic business intelligence abilities or want to use prognostic analytics, machine understanding, or natural language processing.

Design & Strategy for Data Analytics
Implementation and Management of Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
Implementation and Management of Business Intelligence
Modernization of Data Architecture

Digital Retail and Customer Engagement

Reorienting their business to give what today’s consumers value: customized service, personalized recommendations, and frictionless experiences at scale is one major shift that all retailers must make.
As a result of new buying habits driven by the COVID pandemic, many of today’s shops are dealing with a significant increase in digital customers. This presents merchants with both problems and opportunities to rethink their digital customer engagement strategy.
NAKA has a team that is encouraged to exchange ideas and best practices. Our Application Development services incorporate industry-standard processes and methodologies as well as the newest agile and DevOps thinking.

System Integration & Application Development
Strategy & Design in Architecture
Retail Consulting
Retail Applied Intelligence
Advanced Customer Engagement
CX Advisory, Design, and Engineering

Dynamic Workplace

Retailers that have a strong sense of purpose display a thorough awareness of what these values imply in practice. The shifting user expectations nowadays must be adaptive in terms of the digital workplace.
We primarily focus on the user’s experience and bring your solution to life with our highly trained workforce. We can assist you in automating wherever possible, preventing problems before users even see them, and empowering your team. We strive to serve retailer’s new staff structures with roles and duties to provide customers a great experience throughout an integrated marketplace.

Advanced Analytics Powered by AI
Omnichannel Automated Support
Support from a Device Expert
Collaboration & Unified Communication
Workplace Transformation
Platform Management in the Workplace

How can NAKA help you in the Retail Industry?

NAKA provides experience-oriented services to create an excellent marketplace for buyers and consumers with utmost reliability. The team serves with the latest technologies and business models to pace the digital transformation for Retailers.
Strategize the model
Implementation of the model
Management of the work cycle
Modernizing infrastructure
Leveraging data
Productivity enhancement
Technology upgradation

Why NAKA for Retail Industry?

With an inclusive digital ecosystem, we strengthen the overall services of retail that encompass technological and refined methodologies. At NAKA, we work to enhance the overall customer experience with our client-focused technology integrated solutions.
Global outreach
Agile operations
Advanced technology-based solutions
Excellent team of skilled professionals
24*7 support

Choose The Right Technology Partner


What are the Key Components of an agile digital service model for Retailers?
The major components are customer expectations, experience, innovation, and technological enhancement.
How can NAKA enhance the experience of digital transformation?
With an excellent workforce and technological solutions, it helps transform the retail atmosphere.
How can technology help the Retail sector?
Technology today provides a wonderful business and customer experience and makes every task simple and approachable.
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