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NAKA is a client-oriented firm that has been offering best IT solutions to the clients for a long time. We work to provide well researched and updated solutions for our client satisfaction. Adapting the latest technology is important to remain competitive in the market. We offer best application services to stay in the leading position in the market. However, adapting application services might not be sufficient to stay in the successful run. Transforming the business strategies with time is equally important as well.

NAKA Application Services will make you a stronger brand by adding value to your customers’ experience.

We are a dynamic firm, offering you the finest application services to help you transform the business. The aim is to provide you the application services that fits right according to your business requirement. Our team of professionals are all set to offer you cost efficient and sustainable application services at your doorstep.

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Accelerate your success journey with NAKA Application Services


Deployment Time

Reduction in deployment time is easily achieved by one-clock options. New options are easily incorporated and improvements are easy to publish with application services.

Integration Services

Improvement in efficiency is achieved with the elimination of manual extraction of data from different sources. We incorporate tools that improve the workflow.

Application Scalability

Maintaining an easy update option improves data security and reduces maintenance costs. We offer solutions that anticipate your business growth to maintain action deployment.

NAKA Application Services Suite

Application Development and Maintenance

Meeting the changing demands of the digital business and maintaining legacy systems can be complex and costly at times. There is a need to make the system cost-efficient while updating complex inefficient systems with the latest technology. Our services reduce the development and testing time by one-fourth the actual time.

Application Development and System Integration
Building an application architecture that can be efficient reduces cost and makes the system efficient.

  • A focused application development and system integration increases productivity of a developer.
  • It reduces the production cost of the product.
  • Cost-saving accelerates migration.

Architecture Strategy and Design
A brilliant application can be developed if we have a secure technical architecture strategy and design services. NAKA offers you the best design services.

  • Flexible framework offers tools for management and deployment.
  • Competitive team that has experts in DevOps who can mentor the development process.

Application Integration

Not all our applications are developed together and by the same developer. In such cases, their integration is important for better performance of the system. This results in new capabilities and efficiency that are cost effective.

Edge Integration
Analyzing the data near the source instead of the cloud, improves the overall processing of the data. This is why edge integration is an important part of application integration.

Enterprise Integration
Focusing on the system interconnection, computing environment and data exchange, enterprise integration came into play.

Responsive Integration
Processing complex events, enhancing IT service agility and finding solutions to situations in business management, responsive integration is important.

Application Management

Be ahead in the business you need to streamline the focus on your services. Here application management, automate and simplify the process for higher customer satisfaction with a friendly cost.

Application Management and Maintenance
Growing in the present situation, it is important to move the system from an optimized position to automated with the right tools and analysis.

Application Portfolio Strategy
Strategizing the roadmap to application management, optimize the plan and transform the service, by analyzing the cost and risk to gain full business potential.

Managed Application Development and Testing
Keeping the application quality assured and updated, continuous testing of the application is very important. Automated testing for continuous transformations and improvement is done to improve metrics.

Application Modernization

Aligning the application from the traditional model to the modern, optimized and more user friendly architecture is very important to keep the application functional in full capacity.

Application Architecture
Evolving the application multidimensionally, by applying scientifically derived models to meet client’s expectations, application architecture service is important.

Application Hosting
Delivering the application through the internet using right computing platforms is a reason behind the need of application hosting. To provide a platform for any virtual application delivery.

Cloud Application Services

Covering all aspects of cloud application from consultation, development, implementation to maintenance, cloud application services are required. Our cloud based services are designed to deal with complex business situations.

Cloud Application Consultation
Consulting about the requirements of projects, operations and existing infrastructure upgradation for robust cloud service.

Digital API Services
Delivering flawless user experience across multiple channels through end-to-end API solutions. We create the right strategy by selecting the right tools and then implement it with proper governance.

Cloud Application Development and Management
Developing new cloud services as per the tailored requirements of the business or migrating your old applications to cloud, all of this requires cloud application development and management services.

Enterprise Application

Constantly elevating in the competition the right partner to your firm is very important. A partner that understands the requirements of the business and can help in its improvement. Our service will solve the complex business situations for you and navigate you in the situation.

Customer Relationship Management
Happy customers and revenue surge is done by gaining an overall view of prospects. We work to accelerate your time and effort to value in real time.

SAP Services
Maximizing the value of business and minimizing the cost is a part of our SAP services. We work to digitally transform your business with improved efficiency, availability and profitability.

Enterprise Resource Planning
Gaining maximum returns on your investment is the core reason for the need of enterprise resource planning. We are a trusted ERP partner for your firm who plan, build, digitize and improve your business constantly.

Managed Application Development and Testing

Accelerating the release cycles in any application requires frequent testing and good management of applications. We promise our partners quality and to assure quality check, we offer various services.

Automated Testing
Automated end-to-end testing solutions result in the optimized application quality that is faster and cost efficient.

Continuous Improvement and Transformation
Improving ROI, constantly removing bugs in the software can transform the quality of your application. We engage in core application improvement to achieve constant results.

Metrics and KPI reporting
Delivering a report to the client to give them a complete insight of the growth through metrics, performance levels and risk factors with its management services, is the service that we offer you.

How can NAKA help you with Application services?

Our team of experts works with integrity and innovation intending to deliver the best application services for your business. We use our agile development practices to counter any challenge and deliver a quality application to the client keeping all the requirements in mind.
Innovative ideas to deliver best-suited application services
Unlocking new applications for your business growth
Sustainable solutions to digital problems
Advanced technology equipped services
Maintenance and testing for best result
Strategic and Implementation consultation
Risk Management
Detailed and structured proposal

Why NAKA for Applications Services?

Experienced application development professionals
Tracking and reporting progress
Client-driven results
Competitive costing
24*7 Support availability

Choose The Right Technology Partner


How do you assure the quality of the product?
We evaluate the results every week. We continuously test our work and also report the progress to our clients. Their feedback and acceptance is very valuable to us and we implement it at every step. An expert end-to-end testing is performed before delivering the final result. After the delivery, we continuously work to update the application to maintain its credibility in the current scenario.
What are the types of cloud services that you offer?
Our three popular services include Infrastructure as a service, Platform as a service and Software as a service.
How much does it cost to develop an application for business?
The cost of development depends upon the requirements of the project. It depends on tools, expertise, services that you offer, man-hours engaged, business objective and many other factors. So it is tough to give a clear figure about cost as it varies from purpose to purpose.
What are the services that you offer after delivering the application to your client?
We offer maintenance services to our clients after the delivery of the final product. Also, in case of any update or bug, we resolve it within the set time limit. In case, after some time, the client wants to rebuild or improvise something in the application, we offer those services as well.
We are a small business, do we need to have an application of our own? What are the benefits?
Definitely YES! Every business, small scaled or large, requires an application. It is an added leverage to the firm. There are several benefits starting from better engagement with your audience, an increased brand awareness amongst people, loyalty increment, gives you a lead in the competition to improved efficiency.

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