Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Connect your Enterprise with Better Safety, Security & Reliability

Achieve Better Business Value with IoT Services

Be a Connected Enterprise with IoT

Organizations are investigating their drawbacks and problems with the help and implementation of IoT. With IoT, enterprises can transform their data into intelligence and establish a better connection with devices. Enterprise IoT, as well as consumer IoT, are being used by businesses of all sizes to enhance productivity, get real-time information from linked assets, minimize costs, and encourage growth through emerging technologies.

NAKA offers IoT solutions and services that are created in a way that they can be operated in any environment. We assist you in collecting and accurately analyzing information provided by physical devices that will optimize your business functions.

IoT solutions are expected to have a whopping $4-10 trillion economic value by 2025.
75 Billion IoT devices are expected to connect to the web by 2025.

How IoT Services services helps your business?

IoT services assemble the data from the physical objects to use them for process automation and business processes. IoT connects billions of devices globally for better data utilization.

Data Generation Layer
Edge Computing
Data Center Setup
End-User App Development
Development Of Control Apps
Technical Support And Troubleshooting
Cloud Management
Security Management And Regulatory Compliance
IoT Solution Evolution
IoT Application Management
Vulnerability Scan
Satisfied Clients
Successful Projects
Skilled Experts
Global Locations

Our Expertise

Derived from hands-on experience with design, development, and deployment

Preventive Equipment Maintenance

The business maintenance system is changing rapidly and is carrying out equipment Maintenance in their manufacturing process to prevent it from malfunctioning.

At NAKA, we help prevent equipment breakage and interruption that are caused in production. Our team of experts is qualified enough in monitoring equipment remotely, generate execution metrics and inspect malfunctioning.

Decision Support and Data Analytics

Businesses are transforming through various decision support and Data analytics will allow you to make well-informed decisions.

NAKA provides robust Monitoring solutions that can collect sensor data in real-time for purposes such as batch, predictive, and interactive analysis. We can help you plan in automating data collection, filtering, and analysis from smart devices.

Edge Computing Setup

Advanced analytics and reporting tools are now being implemented across the enterprise’s network.

With the help of edge devices, NAKA brings to you infrastructure that has a collection of edge servers dispersed over a network. We also assist in grouping your IoT devices through our enhanced IoT solutions and services.

Data Center Implementation

A model-data processing environment is necessary for different types of IoT data and this can be implemented with the help of data center implementation services.

We at NAKA help you to design and create an environment that consists of heterogeneous IoT data. We develop machine learning and data science strategies to uncover data patterns and trends that can help your company address specific challenges in IoT-based corrective maintenance, operation, and so on.


NAKA’s solution strategy is focused on key areas of the asset value chain, allowing businesses to shorten the time to market and save money. Our services are technology-driven, business-centric, and strategic.

We at NAKA, bring together products, infrastructure, users, and operations for businesses to align them with the changing business needs that are agile and innovative.

How NAKA does it differently?

All of your IoT demands and solutions may be quickly ramped up. Updates and expansions to your application to meet your changing business demands.
Providing devices with the ability to perceive, communicate, network, and produce data, as well as ensuring secure communications amongst IoT devices and the cloud
Enabling data intake, management, and syndication securely.
Developing a multi-tenant application and intelligent system, as well as allowing for exploratory data science
Analytical models that offer business insights and integrate into the enterprise.
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