Service Management

Service Management

Scale Up your Business with Optimized Technology Integrated Solutions

Fulfilling all needs through a single platform with service management solutions

Optimizing your business technology

Technology has taken the centre stage and is the driving force of all kinds of business nowadays. It is difficult to stand in the marketplace without technology. It has almost erased the boundaries between operations, security, development, applications, and infrastructure. Your organization needs a solution that can fit in these blurred lines.

With NAKA’s enhanced technological solutions and real-time services, you can scale up in the management and maintenance of your enterprise, delivering a top-notch quality result and customer-centric approach to your clients. NAKA can help you by delivering its managed services Covering all aspects of your business needs. NAKA brings agile, resilient, flexible, and cost-efficient methods and services that have been customized as per your needs.

1/3 of business leaders believe IT is well-versed in their industry.
As the effect of technology, 73 percent of business and IT leaders estimate more than 40% of their employees require significant reskilling.

How Service Managemen solutions help your business?

Service Management solutions enable users to do more work and the organization to do more business by improving system performance, increasing availability, and reducing service interruptions.

Focused objectives
Reduced costs
Increased agility
Improved reliability
Real-Time solutions
IT efficient
Reduced risks
End-to-end managed services
Boundaryless approach
Satisfied Clients
Successful Projects
Skilled Experts
Global Locations

Our Expertise

Derived from hands-on experience with design, development, and deployment

Asset and Configuration Management

Services management can include solutions including Asset and Configuration management that can bring a transformation to your enterprise

With the assistance of a Configuration management database (CMDB), NAKA processes, monitors, documents, and verifies your software and hardware properties. The CMDB acts as a central repository for all IT assets and their relationships.

Service Request Management

A larger and automated workflow and a self-reliant capacity are the key aspects of service request management. Greater the potential, more benefit to the organisation.

We at NAKA, bring you services and solutions that are not only for businesses but also for individual users, we handle and entertain all management requests related to processing, requests for new notebooks, portal access, or departmental requests.

IT Service Desk

Managing all incidents, issues, and requests can be challenging, a service desk is established to deal with different kinds of activities that an enterprise is working on.

NAKA can help your organization in all kinds of software licensing, and managing services and provide all related contractual solutions when a third party is involved in such activities. We understand the importance of self-service and have curated portals and bases for knowledge

Service Management Tooling

Artificial intelligence has taken the center stage and powers almost all kinds of machines and innovations taking place today.

NAKA guarantees the implementation of tools and technologies that can leverage analytics, automate services, expand capabilities and ensure implementation of tools that are strategically created to increase business efficiency.


We at NAKA assist the business in establishing and meeting realistic customers’ expectations, resulting in more transparency and higher perceived enjoyment. We provide the best business-critical solutions and services through our secured and reliable methods.

How NAKA does it differently?

A service-based running model that takes advantage of cloud resources and agile thinking.
Customer service capabilities on the front lines, utilizing modern technology, analytics, automation, and machine learning.
Integrating compliance into the design, delivery, and administration of IT services.
Implementation, delivery, and management all benefited from automation tools.
Establishing methods and practices to reduce IT unplanned downtime, compliance concerns, and other possible threats from important system modifications
Balanced priorities for organizations and individuals in terms of speed, risks, costs, and reliability.
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