Journey Design

Journey Design

Journey Design, the New Path of Transformation

Assess the preparedness and sound intensity of transforming the customer journey

Integrate the Classic Methodologies with Modern Technology

Customer journey aims to combine and encourage innovative practice to achieve maximum transformation and radically rearrange how change is delivered. Businesses frequently hold workshops with teams that all belong to the same user experience but rarely connect.

NAKA holds an adaptable perspective to end-to-end customer journeys and emphasizes reimagining existing, sometimes compartmentalized projects and moving to customer-based brand equity streams, agile workflows, and the most up-to-date customizable data and architecture possibilities. NAKA identifies strategies to improve the consumer experience, staff satisfaction, and performance and productivity by analyzing all of these dependencies.

80% of the customers believe that their relationship with a company is equally important as the relationship with the product.
Over 33% of customers switch brands after a bad experience.

How Journey Design helps your business?

The Journey Design solution assists businesses in implementing new emerging methodologies and achieving next-level customer experience. Customer journey advisers with extensive experience, human-centric experts, individuals and institutional analysts, agile mentors, and curriculum developers make up NAKA’s diverse team.

Enhanced and improved customer experience
Outcome Focused
Strategic Opportunities
Effective Cost management
Improved Development solutions
A communicative and collaborative model
Enabled proactive problem management
Better planning of future IT services
Increased productivity
Automated workflows
Satisfied Clients
Successful Projects
Skilled Experts
Global Locations

Our Expertise

Derived from hands-on experience with design, development, and deployment

Creative Direction and Branding

Consumers’ requirements change daily. Whether you are prepared or not, your customer’s behaviors, demands, and receptivity to marketing have all evolved substantially, and rightfully so.

NAKA collaborates with you to design and drive effective innovation and branding initiatives, bringing people-centered solutions and boundless prospects to life. We assist in articulating and unlocking the possibilities of your brand through People-inspired design direction.

Design Thinking

To connect interactions and promote digital transformation, you need to put the client at the center stage.

Leading worldwide businesses to use design thinking to reimagine their sales and enhance customer experience at every touch, and we at NAKA can help your business with project management, process optimization, service design, customer engagement, or other challenging business complexities.

Creative Concepting

Incorporating a cohesive and original visual identity across the overall industry may enhance the customer journey and turn delighted clients into meaningful ones.

We assist organizations in emotionally connecting with their buyers to differentiate themselves from the competition and boost economic growth. NAKA provides the best procedures and marketing technologies that add value, resulting in a customer-centric experience.

Information Architecture

Encounters that encourage possibilities are created by combining reliable information infrastructure with design thinking. A consistent user experience combined with the appropriate information architecture can help your company expand and grow rapidly.

With no speed reduction, NAKA enables users to quickly navigate websites and applications to access the information they need and value. We use database structure to improve client engagement and add value to the offerings we provide.


Our customer journey advisory integrates a classic supposition methodology with a breakthrough technical standpoint, as well as strategy and product engineering.

To expand the spectrum of core competencies, NAKA brings the expertise of our digital specialised businesses to bear, working together in multiple disciplines. NAKA creates aspirational pilots, minimum viable products (MVPs), and at-scale digital product offerings experiences, as well as define, build, and implement them.

How NAKA does it differently?

Provided an innovative design studio to consumers so that we may help them reinvent their customer journey approach via human-centered concept development.
With a journey-driven methodology, we deliver a speedy digitization process that addresses a specific company requirement or problem.
All change projects across the organization are aligned as part of our journey-at-scale transformation approach.
In addition, our customer journey enhancement initiative educates and equips client groups with long-term customer journey expertise.
Assist brands in understanding the role of digital in attaining strategic possibilities and overcoming critical business problems, while always focusing on customer satisfaction and outcomes.
An agile approach, faster delivery, and cost-effective partnerships tailored to your objectives, timetable, and price are all available.
Specialists who collaborate with your firm to enhance your digital technologies are enabling digital strategy offerings that are easier to use, better, and sooner.
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