Switch to the Future of Energy Industry.

Digitalize the energy industry with powerful tools to help the industry evolve.

Digitalize The Joules To Create An Advanced Industry Guaranteeing Quality.

The changing dynamics of the Energy Industry and the utility value chain have forced digital technologies to help the industry evolve and improve. Energy management is fundamental of a business and with the change in the way of production, management, market circumstances, and consumption of the fuel, it needs an advanced approach.

The change in the environmental conditions has led to the tightening of the regulations thereby causing a shift towards renewable energy. Well, the existing infrastructure may be under pressure to implement renewable energy and this pressure may create a massive load on finances. To ease this pressure without much load on finances, the use of IT solutions is a smart choice.

NAKA provides you with a range of IT solutions for the energy industry that optimize the overall functioning of the Industry operations. They can resolve operational, commercial, and energy management challenges and give an added advantage over the competitors.

We, at NAKA, enable you to make faster data-driven decisions that can drive operational excellence, and create better business opportunities. We are keen to offer you a flexible, focused, and collaborative solution for a better business outcome.

Modernize your Service to Accelerate the Journey of the Energy Industry



Following a proactive management approach, the process is highly automated that empowers the employee and the customer.


Stepping into the world of renewable energy with the existing infrastructure releases the financial load on the business and saves the environment.


Adapting technology-based solutions create a better distribution network for renewable energy.

NAKA Energy Solutions and Services

Application Development and Maintenance

A robust application portfolio can be built with the right strategy and the right digital partner. A common technology platform integrates the entire system to give the required results. The development and testing time can be reduced using the right service, thus accelerating the overall performance.
The perfect mix of technology-based solutions and classic methodologies is the requirement of application development services and we at NAKA, work to offer you the same under our application development and maintenance services.

Application Development
System Integration
Architecture Strategy
Design Strategy
Infrastructure Development

Internet of Things

Internet of Things has been providing a dynamic shift in the way industries function. It improves the overall decision-making capability in real-time increasing the efficiency of the system and productivity. The IoT is constantly evolving with time.
We, at NAKA, offer you tailored IoT solutions that exactly complete the requirement of your business. We find the most effective way to collect, analyze and interface it to create sustainable profit.

IoT Strategy
IoT Design
IoT Implementation
IoT Optimization
IoT Operation

How can NAKA help you in the Energy Industry?

NAKA has proven itself to be a great digital partner by offering new digital technology-based globally leading solutions. We work with the three dimensions of business-asset, intelligence, and workforce to digitally transform the energy industry. We aim to develop and deploy intelligent digital solutions.
Assess Daily Operations
Asses Work Management
Roadmap Development
Execution of the Strategy
Predictive Maintenance
Routine Monitoring
Leveraging from Innovation
Maintenance of Security of Infrastructure

Why NAKA for Energy Industry?

At NAKA, we work to enhance the overall operational processes within the IT boundaries to enjoy a connected experience with connected assets and the workforce. We integrate the entire functioning on a platform to ease its access by the management and ensure a centralized experience to the stakeholders.
Innovative Solutions
Smart Workforce
Secured and Sustainable solutions
Better Customer Engagement
Agile working process
24*7 support

Choose The Right Technology Partner


Why choose the digital model in the energy sector?
With the digital model, the energy sector becomes flexible, cost-efficient, agile, and efficient. The main reason to digitally transform the existing infrastructure is to make it adaptable to recent sources of energy.
How does NAKA transform the business digitally?
NAKA accelerates the transformation process and works on two concepts. First, it reorients the organization to make strategic use of the digital technologies, and secondly, changing the nature of the business to adapt to digital changes.
How does NAKA differ from other IT solution providers?
Every digital partner in the market offering service promises advanced technology-based solutions. What makes NAKA unique is its fundamental principles and dedication to the clients. These fundamental principles are agility, engagement, and connected workspace to support the organization.
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