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Competing with the evolving business space is a big challenge for every firm. It is important to adapt to the current trends and technologies of the market to be in a leading position. As a technology service provider, we must offer solutions that are easy to deploy, manage and are cost-efficient. Cloud services are infrastructures to provide easy data flow over the internet.

However, adapting to cloud solutions is not enough to have a successful run in the market. During the mid-transformation, companies are usually stuck due to workload challenges and security.

NAKA will bridge the gap between you and the cloud.

We offer Cloud services that have the same technological advantages as those of many key players in the field. We transform your business with world class services and advanced cloud solutions.

The aim is to get the cloud right according to your business requirements. The right cloud cost, right workloads, the right level of service, and the right mindset is essential. Our experts at NAKA bring the top cloud service at your doorstep.

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Cloud Strategy

Businesses need a cloud strategy that is efficient and reliable, allowing them to provide a sustainable technology future.

Cloud Innovation

With cloud services, we get an opportunity to innovate and explore newer grounds in terms of products and services.

Cloud Implementation

Cloud Implementation with all standard procedures so that the service output can be maximized and risk can be minimized.

Cloud Management

Cloud Infrastructure needs proper management for business security and the functioning of the organization.

NAKA Cloud Service Suite

Enterprise Cloud Architecture

Cloud computing services are always high in demand as businesses and users need them for an efficient flow of data. A well-researched and innovative cloud strategy can unlock a whole new world of potential and be cost-efficient, as well. However, businesses require secure and scalable access to IT services. Enterprise Cloud Architecture can help in visualizing the public and private cloud.

Our team of experts can design the architecture adhering to the business requirement. This will help in encompassing your servers, applications, processing power, storage, and network. The aim is to enhance your efficiency and productivity. We understand the requirements of your growing business and so we design a cloud strategy that provides you with a smooth transition without any business interruptions and implementation issues.

Cloud Application Development

To stay in the game in this competitive market, your organization needs to stand out. They must be innovative and agile to hold on to the confidence of their stakeholders. Cloud applications can help you to maintain your business and manage with the SaaS model. With unprecedented growth opportunities, cloud application development services can fit your requirement.

At all levels, the firms have the same Cloud Solutions at their disposal. Innovative Cloud Services offer a chance for your firm to create differences. We at Nake, have the best team that toils around the clock to offer secure and sustainable solutions for you. Our team can develop an application to deliver all your requirements for a seamless experience.

Application Management

Cloud management must be performed well to achieve the required results for any firm. Businesses often neglect the implementation and management which results in security lapse and increment in business risk. One must cover all the major aspects of performance management to offer a consistent user experience.

NAKA has a team of the best professionals who can implement the cloud strategy to offer you maximum security and better ROI. We constantly improve our cloud services to offer you the best. Our experts ensure that the application is running smoothly under load capabilities and all networks with stability, speed, and scalability.

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration can be the biggest concern for businesses in evolving businesses. It is all about understanding the outcome and strategies to drive business agility through Cloud transformation and data center consolidation. This requires constant improvement to ensure that businesses can thrive.

Our experts work to execute and define the right strategies to offer cloud services for DevOps automation, infrastructure, and application. NAKA identifies the improvement constantly and provides any additional services required. We offer 24*7 assistance to make cloud services better and efficient for you.

How can NAKA help you with Cloud services?

Our team of experts work with ingenuity, integrity, and innovation intending to deliver the best cloud services or options in the market. We work to eliminate any risks or challenges and deliver the top outcome to the client keeping all the requirements in mind. Our experts optimize and innovate every layer of cloud solution to deliver maximum quality.
Brainstorming ideas to deliver top solutions
Unlocking new opportunities for businesses
Reduce time to market
Advanced security and disaster recovery
Robust and resilience computing
Strategic value
Cloud specialists
24x7 availability

Why NAKA for Cloud Services?

Evaluating the current state
Preparing a roadmap and forming strategies
Implementing the changes and offering security
Refining cloud infrastructure
Boosting capacity
Enabling data-driven decision-making
Leveraging data science
Eliminating manual errors
Hybrid cloud optimization
Secure and intelligent networks

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What are the challenges faced by the customers?
There are several challenges that customers might face while implementing cloud solutions. This includes:

1. Cloud migration - It is difficult to transform the data from a traditional infrastructure model to the trending cloud. There is a substantial learning curve that businesses need to cross to learn more about the cloud.

2. Difference between Dev and Ops - DevOps might have become a thing of today but it has a set of differences that businesses are trying to overcome. Cultural transformation is taking a lot of time to be a part of development.

3. Cost of maintenance - The businesses don’t consider the cost of maintenance that comes back to haunt them when the implementation is done. Maintenance is a major aspect that makes it essential for businesses to focus on loopholes, offer security, and stay abreast with trends.
What makes the cloud an ideal solution?
The cloud offers lower operational costs that include software and hardware for businesses. The companies need to work on the major components that can be well-handled by the cloud that can be accessed from anywhere. Especially, in the hybrid and remote work model, it has come as a saviour to everyone. It is easily accessible, immensely scalable, convenient, and above all global for the users allowing smooth deployment of tasks.
How to prepare my business for the cloud?
The first and foremost requirement is to develop the right cloud strategies. The cloud migration can take more than a year for the success of the business. It is essential to work as a team and ensure that stakeholders are aware of what is going on. This will help in implementing the cloud in the right direction. You can also hire a team of experts that can do all the work for you smoothly.
What should I move to the cloud?
Businesses can move any workload to the cloud that they want. Companies usually prefer monolithic and large applications over the cloud for predictable and consistent loads. The companies also ensure to follow data security concerns and governance policies.
What is the total costing that is involved in the cloud?
The cost involved in the cloud can depend on the services and solutions that companies can be opting for. It can vary according to the high-level services that businesses are consuming. You can contact us at Naka to know more about the pricing model.

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