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NAKA is securing businesses with its advanced cybersecurity solutions. Cybersecurity is an important fraction of your business growth. It is very important to secure the system from any digital attack that may be harmful to the company’s sensitive information. We aim to secure your system from getting breached.

In the digital world, to maintain a good reputation of the organization, they need to safeguard the data that is collected from different sources. Every company around the globe is facing huge cyber threats that target brand value and reputation.

NAKA has a professional team that works around the clock to protect your business from the threats known and unknown to maintain normal business operations.

Our motive is to maintain the workflow without any cyber hindrance. We work with different companies to offer them pioneering solutions to highly secure the system and maintain its smooth functioning. We blend technology with innovation and knowledge to protect the work processes.

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Stimulate the security of your network to build your brand reputation


Network Security

We work to anticipate threats known and unknown to avoid any data breach in your network.

Innovative solutions

We offer out-of-the-box solutions that promise a safer and secured business network for growth.


With data security, comes trust and reputation. We safeguard your network to safeguard your brand reputation.

NAKA Cybersecurity Solutions

Network Security

To keep the entire network safe, it is important to ensure the safety of the underlying networking infrastructure from any kind of unauthorized action. It is crucial to create a reliable and safe infrastructure. For the appropriate delivery of services, every firm must have a protected network.

We offer multiple solutions that ensure your network safety at every layer. We work following government regulations to build a more credible network.

Endpoint Security

With the increase in cyber-attacks on devices, it is important to keep the workstation server and devices safe from any threat. Through endpoint security services you get safety from a range of ransomware, malware, and unauthorized access.

We offer to cover the flaw and service gaps that may act as a vulnerability for a cyber attacker. Getting the right endpoint security service may be tough but with us, you get a better understanding of the current position of your network that will help you make the right decision and adapt to the right service.

Cloud Security

In the digital world, building digital trust is a key factor in business growth. As businesses are surpassing the on-premises environment capabilities, it becomes important for companies to adopt cloud solutions. Cloud may make the entire system vulnerable at times as it may compromise not only flexibility but security as well.

We offer cloud security solutions that transform your cloud services. We offer a programmed approach to building and managing a reliable cloud.

Application Security

With the rise in the complexity of software developed every time it is important to have a network that can run these applications safely. Only an in-depth analysis of the application can give the right solutions that justify the requirement.

We offer constant testing and improvisations to maintain the safety of the network and the application. We offer flexible, scalable, and consistently improving application security solutions.

Security Operations & Analytics

For the continuity of business, it is important to optimize your defense and detect the potential cyber threats and eliminate them at the earliest. A set of software, algorithms, and analytic processes combined to detect these threats is needed for every business.

We offer to manage real-time threats and get real-time alerts, managing server logs, and network traffic volume is very essential to adapt security operations and analytics services.

How can NAKA help you with Cybersecurity solutions?

NAKA aims on bringing some relief by offering you a digital infrastructure that can adapt and evolve in the dynamic cyber landscape. Our team amalgamates the advanced tools and technologies with your vision and our expertise to help you reach the apex of business.
Analyzing the current situation of the network
Preparing a strategy
Implementation of well-aligned cyber solutions
Analysis of the functioning
Boosting cyber security
Constant function evaluation
Detecting the forthcoming threats
Eliminating any potential cyber threat

Why NAKA for Cybersecurity?

Expert professionals
Advanced technology backed solutions
Well-aligned business solutions
Continuous progress reports
24*7 helpdesk

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What is cyber hygiene?
Cyber hygiene is to adapt a security-centric approach that enables an organization to counter any cyber threat.
Is there a need for additional cybersecurity services in the cloud?
Yes! Cloud services compromise on certain parameters at times. Additional security promises increased data safety.
Why should I opt for NAKA cybersecurity services?
Apart from other qualities, Naka offers two additional qualities: Vigilant, where we work to foresee an upcoming potential threat, and Resilience for immediate response and recovery.
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