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Banking and Financial Services

Accelerate To Match The Changing Circumstances.

Digital Solutions are facilitating Finance and Banking Services like never before.

Develop Solutions to Sustain in the Changing Business Environment.

Digital Financial Services enables rapid and efficient money monetary transactions. If the usage of digital financial services is scaled up swiftly in times of crisis, stability and integrity, which are always present, may deteriorate.

Without sufficient restrictions and protections, a crisis will occur. Efforts to increase the use of digital financial services are also underway. Existing gaps between users should not be exacerbated by services.

Consumers have shifted considerably to online channels during the pandemic, and businesses and sectors have responded in like. Customer-centric business models beat product-driven ones, and customers prefer experiences above product features, with new customer needs being the most significant factor in bank digitization.

At NAKA, with market-leading tools and solutions, enables flexible cloud architecture. In order to build outstanding customer experiences, you can use technology to identify value in your data. We’re putting our reputation on the line alongside yours, and delivering on our promise of technological innovation and human inventiveness.

NAKA brings new solutions built on cloud computing, digital platforms, and distributed ledger technologies (DLT), spanning mobile payments, crypto-assets, and peer-to-peer (P2P) applications.

Utilize specialized solutions and services to integrate, automate, and transform to AI-driven technologies.


Changing Demand

The demand for customer-centric business models against market-driven business models is the most pressing concern. We have adopted the latest technology solutions to comfort and satisfy our customers.


Experience is the driving force for customers in today’s world. With greater efficiency and low-cost services, we create an affordable, viable, and digitally connected customer ecosystem.

Advancement and Innovation

The changing digital environment accelerates and promotes finance and banking services with immense benefits and added value. We strive to produce and offer the best of all innovative solutions and secure transactions.

NAKA BFSI Solutions and Services

Finance and Banking Solutions

In the digitization of banks, customer expectations and habits have surpassed market forces as the most powerful factor. Second, to replace their current segmented product perspective, financial institutions want an integrated customer view. Customers today want banking to be inconspicuously integrated into their daily lives, with hyper-personalized interactions, seamless experiences, speed, and security.

Bank Modernization Consulting
Cards and Payments Technology
Lending Technology
Risk Management and Compliance

Digital Technology Consulting

We use technology and agile approaches to solve business problems. To help customers securely transition and create sustainable results, our advisers and consultants employ a comprehensive end-to-end approach–from design to implementation.
Consult with our experts to develop a comprehensive digital strategy, ensure your security measures are risk-resistant, and establish a digital enterprise architecture that is appropriate for your maturity level. Our team will work with you every step of the way to achieve your business and IT objectives while managing change in a secure manner.

Digital Enterprise Architecture
Digital Security Advisory
Digital Strategy and Innovation
Technology Consulting

How can NAKA help you in the Banking & Finance Sector?

NAKA focuses on delivering excellent digital services to the customers without endangering traditional experiences and securities. NAKA has a team of professionals which creates hybrid and brings in-hand experiences to clients with the latest and flexible technological methods.
Finance and Banking Solutions
Data Intelligence & Automation
IT & Digital Operations
Digital Technology Consulting
Digital Banking Solutions
Risk Regulation
Banking Clouds
Intelligent Operations

Why NAKA for Finance and Banking industry?

At NAKA, we strive and desire to enrich and upgrade the experience with a contemporary digital ecosystem that assimilates advanced solutions and methodologies. We reshape, create, plan, manage and improve the overall digital experience with technology. Our unrivaled partner network, reliable tools, and assets, and unique insights ensure that you get the most out of what technology has to provide the cloud, ESG, data and game-changing interactions, and so on.
Smooth Payments
Core Banking Technology Expertise
Customer Experience
Sustainable Banking

Choose The Right Technology Partner


What are the Security risks associated with digital Banking and finance services and how can they be reduced?
Security risks generally involve cybersecurity when it comes to online transactions, we at BSFI, make sure that there is no chance for hackers or any third party to have access to such data, the Blockchain method is particularly used to safeguard the risks.
How can BSFI enhance the digital experience in the banking sector?
BSFI monitors and connects customers with the latest and best of technologies along with maximum securities to enhance the banking experience.
How can technology help in Finance and banking?
With the ongoing pandemic, online platforms and portals have contributed and made tasks of all kinds like filings and payments easier in just one go. It has connected people from remote areas, improvement in the guidance is now accessible to everyone in need.
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