Digital Customer Experience

Digital Customer Experience

Offering the best digital customer experience in the market

Boost your business, expand your market and experience the best services with NAKA.

20Years’ Experience in IT

Be with NAKA to get an outstanding customer experience and support

Everything in the business is driven by customer experience. No matter what you do, your service is defined by the experience of your customers. So, it becomes necessary for a satisfying customer experience to have a human-centric approach while designing, strategizing and implementing any action.

By interacting with your customers, you can remove any area of friction, create new areas of innovation and work with the partner team to absorb their input better.

NAKA with its latest technology and experience paves your path to success. We work to figure out a way to enhance your customer experience by soaking up your suggestions in the strategy. We work in sync with our partners to transform their business as they want.

Satisfied Clients
Successful Projects
Skilled Experts
Global Locations

NAKA Customer Experience will redefine the definition of partner firm


Customer Engineering

Our experts toil around the clock to find out ways that optimize the touchpoints and ensure that the experience is positive and flawless.

Customer Journey Design

reate journey designs for you to give you a better understanding of our customer’s experience and your target users.

Metrical Marketing

Our experts help you to track the campaign’s effectiveness in a quantifiable way through different tools. This will help you optimize your future campaigns.

NAKA Customer Experience Solutions Suite

Customer Engineering

Customer engineering is a service where we install your technology based products with our unparalleled decades long experience.

We continuously gather feedback to offer bug free services to the customers. Our aim is to develop the service with the latest technology and make our system more responsive to any issue faced.

Customer Journey Design

Journey Design is a tool that depicts the action and how the team is performing them. We create customer journey maps to evaluate the relationship between our firm and the client, which is visible to the client as well.

We create personalized design maps for our clients to ensure their requirements are fulfilled. We highlight the area of improvement in it. Our customer journey design depicts our growth in the timeline decided.

Metrical Marketing

To enhance your customer experience, we offer a report on different metrics of marketing. With the number of platforms and technology in use, there is a need to constantly report and track the progress of performance in real-time.

We offer you an evaluation of different metrics through different tools to get a deeper understanding of the progress of the project with different marketing metrics. With Metrical Marketing, we offer consultation to improve the efficiency of the work.

How does NAKA help you offer the best customer experience?

Our team of experts toil around the clock to deliver the best digital services in the market. We work to offer you the best customer experience. We work on relationship building followed by loyalty and satisfaction. Our experts optimize and innovate every layer of the digital solution to deliver an incredible quality result.
Trending ideas to deliver top solutions
Unlocking better opportunities for your business transformation
Better feedback services
Technical support to better customer experience

Why NAKA for an outstanding customer experience?

Evaluating the current state
Preparing a roadmap and forming strategies
Implementing the changes and offering security
Refining cloud infrastructure
Boosting capacity
Enabling data-driven decision-making
Leveraging data science
Eliminating manual errors
Hybrid cloud optimization
Secure and intelligent networks

Choose The Right Technology Partner


What according to you are the most important components of a good customer experience?
Apart from fine digital services, it is important to build relationships with the client based on loyalty, trust and confidence. Our firm believes in building trust with our partner, to gain better results. We gain their confidence by constantly working on their requirements and delivering promising results. Through our fundamentals, values and services aligned as per the client’s requirement we are able to achieve a good customer experience.
What do you do to improve the customer experience?
We use various methods to resolve any kind of bug from our delivered product. Our support team of experts is available for 24*7 for your help. WE value your feedback and do changes accordingly. We strategize and report the progress of the project to our customers on a regular interval to boost their confidence in us.
What does your employee training include to get better customer satisfaction?
Apart from latest technology training, we work with our employees to develop our fundamental values in them i.e. empathy and justice. We train them to work on the same wavelength with our clients to understand their vision and work as a team to justify their vision and the outcome of the project.
Why is digital customer experience better than human customer experience?
We prefer digital as it makes the entire process fast and convenient. Digital is in reach of every and has an option of 24*7 availability that can boost the service in many ways. Digital world is reaching new heights every day and is becoming very common for people, which is what makes digital customer experience better.
Can customers update their personal information in my CRM?
Generally, the CRM is updated by the person in charge in the digital firm. But here we offer a self service option, where you can update your constantly changing data that writes it back to the CRM. thereby maintaining an integration in the entire system. This saves time for customers and the firm, allowing a quicker action and updated user friendly digital experience.
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