Data Center Modernization

Data Center Modernization

Transform Your Data Center to Boost Efficiency.

Improve the flexibility, scalability, and performance of your data center infrastructure.

Modernization improve your ability to keep up with the changing pace of business.

A contemporary infrastructure is required for modern corporate success. However, many firms are experiencing ‘analysis paralysis’ while attempting to implement data center modernization programs due to increased worries about money and security, fast-changing technology, and overextended resources.

The advantages of modernizing data centers are obvious. On-premise management of heterogeneous architectures slows change, resulting in increased expenses.

At NAKA we work to upgrade your computing, network, or storage and also improve your ability to move at the speed of business. We achieve this by providing templated, repeatable solutions that integrate all components of your infrastructure and culminate in a self-service portal for internal business customers.

Almost all IT professionals (89%) believe that having the same architecture on-premises and in the cloud is critical.
According to ESG research, moving an application to the public cloud takes an average of 27 days.

How Data Center Strategy Solutions help in modernizing your business?

The new software-defined infrastructure is application-centric, with virtualized storage and networking confined within a hybrid cloud environment, allowing you to scale your personnel and expand and contract services on-demand. SDI gives you complete control over how IT workloads are dispersed and optimized, allowing you to get the most out of your infrastructure investments.

Complexity Reduction
Expenditure Management
Plan for Optimal Workload Placement
Automate and Manage Data Center (And Beyond)
Application Modernisation
Network Modernisation
Satisfied Clients
Successful Projects
Skilled Experts
Global Locations

Our Expertise

Derived from hands-on experience with design, development, and deployment

Migration, Adaption, and Management of the Cloud

With cloud services that assist your organization and people in making the transition, we can get you there. We’ll help you use the cloud to boost company growth, whether it’s by developing a cloud migration strategy, shifting workloads, or managing your environment.

Cloud infrastructure and services can help you acquire game-changing capabilities rapidly, but choosing the proper path is difficult and risky. We’ll work with you to create a cloud game plan that will help you win, no matter where you are in your cloud journey.

Application Modernization

Migrating apps and databases to the cloud-enabled your company to get the full benefits of cloud adoption. Application modernization methods bring the best of both worlds together, combining the benefits of disruptive technology with existing investments to cut costs and improve customer happiness.

Legacy application modernization aims to remove roadblocks to digital transition and improve the chances of future IT project success.


NAKA assists you with updating and extending security to ensure that the appropriate users have the appropriate levels of access to the appropriate data from any device or location.

Many IT departments today lack the specific expertise required to stay up with rapidly changing threats. This is driving a shift to managed IT services that can protect the organization, secure data, and educate employees about their security responsibilities. Organizations can control costs while simultaneously improving visibility and simplifying security operations by consolidating tools.

Network Modernization

NAKA is at the forefront of software-defined networking solutions, collaborating with trusted partners such as Cisco, VMware, and others to centralize network management, allowing our customers to automate and enforce policies in any network environment.

This centralized solution includes industry-leading security measures as well as comprehensive visibility of every connected device, regardless of where it connects to the network.


At NAKA, we take a unique approach because we combine deep traditional tech stack expertise with unrivaled current cloud consulting expertise. Unlike the majority of companies, NAKA can give end-to-end IT and business solutions.

How NAKA does it differently?

With NAKA's versatile and strong end device connectivity strategy, you can connect securely, powerfully, and everywhere.
Enable a software-defined network that is safe and secure.
Existing data center infrastructure should be consolidated, optimized, and refreshed.
Consistent operations across clouds protect data and applications.
Full service lifecycle, from design and architecture to managed services and innovative financial models.
DevOps, automation, data analytics, and cloud-native ideas are all ingrained in our culture.
24*7 support
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