Application Security

Application Security

Digital Transformation with New-age Technologie

Reduce business risks

Modernize your IT environments

Application security is an integral part of maintaining security throughout your whole business and its departments. Specialists in application security services with a thorough knowledge of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) can assist you in evaluating and improving your “shift-left” and DevSecOps processes.

NAKA’s Application Security Services uses and examines software and applications ranging from simple websites to big cloud-based application platforms. We also assist you in ensuring that new apps are built safely from the initial concept. NAKA speeds up application development and deploys cycles while also enhancing security throughout the board.

45 percent of developers said they don’t have enough time to pay attention to security concerns.
Accomplish 20-30% faster processing, up to 30x lower remediation costs, and 30-50% fewer employees.

How Application Security Solutions help your business?

Application Security Solutions counters the vulnerability of the application by assessing and providing an in-depth examination of app security designs and threat capability.

Quick recovery from Critical Issues
Fixed vulnerabilities and prioritized actions
Reduced manual tasks with Automation
Enhanced risk tolerance
Validated business decisions
Insight into key metrics
Focused triage results
Best practices and company policies
Satisfied Clients
Successful Projects
Skilled Experts
Global Locations

Our Expertise

Derived from hands-on experience with design, development, and deployment

Application Security Program Strategy

Identifying gaps in your security system and its effective deployment is a crucial part of your business and must be improved to secure your enterprise’s applications.

The Application Security Program Strategy services provided by NAKA are all about identifying areas where your Application Security program may be improved and supplying the knowledge and techniques you need to handle them.

Application Security Testing

After utilizing frequent testing, coding standards, and the greatest scanning techniques, your security personnel may also be battling to detect and mitigate application vulnerabilities.

Before the assessment, NAKA has a thorough grasp of web applications and their technology-enabled. NAKA analyzes your ongoing web application security methodology and focuses on areas where people, methods, or technology may be leveraged to help your AppSec program grow and improve your web application security position.

Application Security Technology Services

A number of challenges are involved in the development and deployment of application security, it is often observed that the developer’s security knowledge is not sufficient to comply with the enterprise’s security needs.

NAKA can assist you in meeting these difficulties by examining the application strategy, operations, and design phase in order to detect and address any urgent vulnerabilities.


The Application Security services provided by NAKA assist you in making the most of your protection technologies and innovations, as well as the systems and networks they were purchased to safeguard.

NAKA helps businesses lower the cost of investment by successfully adopting, managing, and scaling technologies and applications. NAKA offers technological leadership, executive search knowledge, tools, and industry standards to assist you in running your security apparatus intelligently for maximum performance.

How NAKA does it differently?

Framework for intelligent application security with modular interconnection
A choice of hands-on managed assistance, as well as simple classification in developer language and how to handle difficulties.
Securing innovation and cleanup efforts throughout the whole software platform
Duplicates and false positives were eliminated, and compliance-based requirements were prioritized, as well as enterprise risk tolerance.
Integrate security into the whole application development lifecycle, including development, testing, and deployment.
Help in establishing enterprise-grade information security advancement on-site or online.
The health and compliance of workloads in public clouds are ensured by end-to-end monitoring of networking and security.
In cloud-based applications, encryption of confidential documents passes among end-users and the cloud.
For technology advancement and security-focused software engineering, increase efficiency among DevOps and security.
Individuals, organizations, and technology are transformed into DevSecOps guiding principles through shared skill sets and cooperation.
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