Structured Cabling Services

Structured Cabling Services

Classically Distribute The Voice, Data, Audio And Video Signals In High Quality

Use the appropriate structure cabling services with technical guidance and advanced technologies.

20Years’ Experience in IT

Drive your communication network in the right direction for your business growth.

NAKA is revolutionizing communication systems with its well-managed structured cabling services. By using structured cabling services, you will be able to achieve better communication and also declutter the space by resolving the issue of congested cables Our aim is to build a comprehensive infrastructure that is more robust and secure.

In the digital world, it is very important to exchange the information signals at high-quality and high-speed. The companies can take advantage of the technologies through unified communication systems.

NAKA prioritizes securing the entire network with its services. Our motive is to increase the speed of signal exchange but also to make the network scalable for future growth. We work with different companies to develop a structured cabling infrastructure that can make the entire network scalable, adaptable and flexible. We transform the communication system to drive your company towards its true potential.

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Install a dynamic and cost-efficient communication network



Changing the bandwidth or functionalities is very easy with structured cabling as the adaptability is very high.

Less Downtime

Don’t worry about the errors. With structured cabling the errors can be identified and resolved in little time, giving a low downtime to the system.

Improved Communication

The communication is highly improved without investing any extra amount. The companies can interconnect without spending large amounts.

NAKA Structured Cabling Service Suite

Infrastructure Design and Consulting

If you are thinking of reorganizing your current cable setup you need a good consultation service that can guide you towards growth and allows you to understand the basic requirements. The team further designs the roadmap that serves the purpose and fulfills all the requirements by bringing in the right technologies.

At Naka, we offer you a consulting and design service where we explain the entire process. We give you a brief insight into the type of cable used, their specifications, the budget required and all the other development details. Here we offer the answer to all our clients’ queries along with a pre-implementation design.


After the consultation and design development, the execution of service is required. The perfect execution of the structured cabling service creates a robust and agile communication network. The reliability of the infrastructure depends on its execution.

We, at NAKA, work to install the cables and other devices in the presence of our highly skilled professionals. We regularly perform testing and offer their certifications for project management. We are keen on creating quality.

How can NAKA help you with Structured Cabling services?

NAKA focuses on developing a long lasting infrastructure for cabling service with higher efficiency and shorter time of response. Our team blends the technology with expert execution to create a well-organized distribution channel.
Analysis of the existing infrastructure
Development of plan
Maximized office space with well-organized cabling
Execution of plan
Periodic Testing
Shorter time of response
Leveraging from modern technologies
High quality maintenance

Why NAKA for Structured Cabling Services?

Expert Team
Regular Reports
Client-focused solutions
Advanced technologies
24/7 support staff

Choose The Right Technology Partner


What is structured cabling?
Structured cabling is that highway through data travels in a building. A standardized approach to development of an organized cabling infrastructure through simple changes in an IT network is structured cabling.
How is the estimation of cable length done?
Estimation of cable length is done based on the time in which the information signal travels through it.
What are the types of cables used?
Cat5E, Cat6, Cat6A and fiber are the types of cables used in our structured cabling services.

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