Travel and Hospitality

Travel and Hospitality

Resurrect Your Business In The Era Of Pandemic With Right Strategy

Inititate growth by devising new strategies for success in the current environment.

Evolve with The Ever-Changing Reality Of Travel

The pandemic has literally narrowed the travel and hospitality industry. For many companies and travel agencies, it was struggling to bring their businesses on track again. Creative pragmatism will find creative ways for the businesses that suit and work for them exclusively. It blends the clarity of a realist with the boldness of an innovator. It promotes more flexibility and new ways of thinking, both of which are essential for travel companies to construct their new futures.

At NAKA, we provide exhaustive global travel support. We assist travel firms in regaining growth by assisting them in becoming more creative, pragmatic, and innovative with industry-specific functions and capabilities, allowing them to achieve faster time-to-value. We help travel companies to respond fully to the hardships and prepare accordingly. Faster decision-making methods create very few chances of any shortcomings.

We deliver a unique customer experience that focuses on safety and health, we ensure that the whole business has fit locations, whether they are airports, hotels, or residence offices. We help businesses move forward, build adaptive cost models with new technology and the latest market trends. With front desk agentless check-in or mobile check-in with rapid access to guest rooms, hotels can now provide contactless experiences.

Restructure your Travel and Hospitality business with Right Partner.



We provide loyal, attractive, converting, and retaining customer experience, with an assortment of global and local strategies.

Intelligent Operations

NAKA combines leading digital technologies, techniques, and people in a data-centered operating model.

Technology & Innovation

With NAKA an excellent cost-effective cloud technology and AI-powered human assistance can be established that serves as an impetus to fill out the sustainability goals.

NAKA Travel and Hospitality Solutions and Services

End-to-end Travel Experience

Travel Experience is the cornerstone for long-term innovation in the new travel age. We automate back-office activities to enhance client touchpoints. Cloud can be cost-efficient than IT for many businesses.
NAKA targets a human-centric approach to design, technique, and digital performance. Our travel experts collaborate with the world’s top airlines, hotels, and travel service providers to help you form strong ecosystem alliances, boost resiliency, and improve the travel experience.

Hybrid Infrastructure
Dynamic Workplace
Cloud Computing
Consumer Data Intelligence

Intelligent Services and Operations

With NAKA, you can transform your business and be future-ready by bringing people and technology together with smart operations to increase agility and resilience. We automate manual procedures so that our teams can focus on providing superior travel experiences.

Disruption avoidance, management, and recovery
Revenue management intelligence
Planning and optimization
Future-ready culture
Improved operational efficiency

How can NAKA help you in the Travel and Hospitality Industry?

With advanced innovation and digital solutions, NAKA assures customers to boost their businesses according to the ongoing pandemic pros and cons. We strive to make businesses future-ready, innovative, and manage with maximum productivity and zero losses.
Revenue management intelligence
Planning and process optimization
Future-ready culture
Improved operational efficiency
Productivity enhancement

Why NAKA for Travel and Hospitality Industry?

NAKA focuses on providing top-class services, solutions, and experiences to businesses and well its employees. The team brings out the best of technology and identifies the current market demands and acts accordingly.
Advanced technology implementation
Unique solutions
Excellent team of skilled professionals
24*7 support

Choose The Right Technology Partner


What are the key components of an agile digital service model for travel & hospitality?
The key components of an agile digital service architecture include the latest technology, innovation, management, transportation, and enhanced experience.
How can NAKA enhance the experience of digital transformation?
With the human-centric approach and collaborative workforce, NAKA provides the best acquaintance.
How can technology help the travel & hospitality sector?
Technology is the key solution to all of the world's major business models, it creates better business opportunities, enhances customer experience, and increases engagement without burdening the shoulders of the service providers.
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