Data Analytics and Predictive Analytics Solutions

Data Analytics and Predictive Analytics Solutions

Better Risk Management with Analytic Approach

Unleash the True Potential of your Business

Predict the Future of your Business with Comprehensive Use of Data

Predictive analytics aids companies in adapting to business requirements and innovation. Today, data does have the ability to influence every business outcome by providing valuable and meaningful insights to help your company plan better.

Through data analysis and logical reasoning, NAKA’s Predictive Analytics solutions decrease risk, boost productivity, and increase revenues. We assist businesses in enhancing their offers and ensuring that clients have a better shopping experience. We provide a full spectrum of predictive analytics solutions that use historical data to predict future results.

Customer analytics has resulted in a considerable boost in customer satisfaction and loyalty for 58% of businesses.
From 2020 to 2027, the overall predictive analytics industry is forecast to develop at a CAGR of 21.9%, reaching $35.45 billion.

How Data analytics and predictive Analytics Solutions help your business?

Predictive analytics provides data to help business owners develop proactive business models. Organizations can acquire a comprehensive report of behavioral economic data if they use big data to collect information on social streaming. This will allow the firm to launch marketing strategies to target certain sectors of the economy based on interests.

Gain Deeper Insights Into Data
Identify Trends And Patterns
Predict Behaviour
Boost Business Performance
Drive Strategic Decision-Making
Identify Future Trends
Make Smart Business Decisions
Understand Customer Well
Boost Productivity
Satisfied Clients
Successful Projects
Skilled Experts
Global Locations

Our Expertise

Derived from hands-on experience with design, development, and deployment

Data Science

Meet your Client’s ELT Process needs to help them gain insight in this age of continuous data increase and flow. Customization needs are often realized at a later stage which can go against the market demands.

We, at NAKA, use innovative data science solutions to assist businesses to eliminate possible losses and increase base efficiency. Our skilled team can help you plan and streamline operations in new markets while also investigating new market opportunities.

Data Warehousing

Conventional data warehouses aren’t up to the task of meeting the higher capacity and analytics responsibilities that come with building enterprises.

NAKA offers a comprehensive suite of data warehousing solutions, from data collecting to data integration, to help you keep current in the rapidly changing world of big data, based on our expertise and abilities in the industry.

Data Analytics

Maintaining healthy business growth can be very challenging in this age of rapid transformation and competition. Data analytics tools and approaches, which are increasingly used in the world of marketing, are required to produce more educated business strategies.

NAKA’s Data Analysts help align your analytical solutions with your company’s key, strategic, and operational goals. We maintain the accuracy and reliability of data utilized in analytics, as well as reduce data gathering issues.

Data Visualisation

Examination and monitoring of Complex Data pose a tough question in front of enterprises. Effective understanding of Data among the audience requires Data Visualisation solutions.

NAKA enables you to fully comprehend, trust, and interpret the information you encounter from a data-driven strategy. We offer business intelligence solutions that include actual geo-mapping, timeline assessment, and predictive analytics, as well as interactive dashboards with complicated analytics.

Big Data Implementation

Outside the usual data of a company system, Big Data involves giving additional insight. Organizations can benefit from going above typical business data in their assessments.

NAKA delivers big data solutions that allow the acquisition, storage, and processing of massive amounts of data.


NAKA’s predictive analytics solutions are led by experts with cutting-edge data science and machine learning methods and technologies that may be applied to any business problem. To enable a more accurate approach, NAKA assists clients in determining the best ways to use predictive analytics and Big data in their area. We make it simple to create high-quality predictive analytics applications.

How NAKA does it differently?

Increase revenue, improve customer experience and increase sales with a machine learning-based process to generate single-brand offers. and keep the ones who are faithful.
Establish a clear data pipeline and use predictive methods to examine dangers, strengths, and chances.
The usage of technologies simplifies analytics for all types of users by providing automation and artificial intelligence or machine learning help.
Data-driven strategic decision and risk rating that works.
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