Boost Your Manufacturing With Digital Solutions

Lead the industry with innovation and integrated growth

Intelligent Systems and Innovation for great business outcomes.

Profit and loss can be determined by the level of process and operational efficiency. We’ll use our years of manufacturing IT expertise to help you adopt digitized intelligent platforms that enable best-in-class manufacturing processes, allowing your firm to grow.

To remain competitive, you must optimize product life cycles and keep up with the technology that is pushing the manufacturing industry at a faster rate than ever before.

With a spectrum of solutions that boost logistics, productivity, speed-to-market, operational efficiency, and data insights, NAKA is taking Industry 4.0 full on. The smart factory of the future necessitates both smart technology and people who are enabled to make the most of it. Our whole lifecycle services strategy guarantees that manufacturers select the best technology for their needs, that it is properly implemented, and that users are trained for optimum adoption and success.

It is made possible by the smart factory. Smart operations make use of business and engineering intelligence, as well as for analytics, and smart supply chains enable end-to-end visibility. Intelligent customer connection solutions enable smooth sales and marketing engagement, while intelligent workforce solutions empower employees.

Smart Factory Technologies to Transform Your Operations



We endeavor to assist our manufacturing clients in utilizing cutting-edge technology to improve efficiency, production, customer happiness, and employee retention.

Innovation and Result-Driven

Unrelenting competition drives innovation, and new ideas must be tested and delivered more quickly than ever before.

Smart and Latest Technology

Mobility and marketing-driven technologies help boost manufacturing and sales cycles.

NAKA Manufacturing Solutions and Services

Digital Manufacturing Processes

For more effective operations, our digital manufacturing solutions integrate and automate industrial and business processes. It can be difficult to make the switch to a digital factory. We designed an effective transformation strategy based on our knowledge and experience obtained from years of assisting firms in improving their operations.
To begin, we can communicate the journey to all levels of the business and engage front-line team members to gain their buy-in. Then, we’ll teach you how to automate and integrate operational indicators so you can make data-driven decisions.
Finally, we assist you in turning data into intelligence and deploying connected security to protect data as it travels from device to cloud.

Cloud Computing Services
Analytics & Data
The Internet of Things (IoT)
Modernization of Data Architecture

High-tech Manufacturing

By streamlining factory and business processes to increase productivity, our high-tech manufacturing solutions open the door to unparalleled potential.
We at NAKA, understand that new technologies offer you unrivaled prospects, and we demonstrate how information, data transmission, and data processing technologies may be applied and exploited in every aspect of the industrial industry. Improve material delivery timeliness, as well as manufacturing floor activities, shipping, and strategic planning and use important technologies like virtualization, cloud, mobility, and social media to increase productivity.

How can NAKA help you in the Manufacturing Industry?

At NAKA we provide digitized solutions including mobile applications, marketing in social media platforms, the latest technological advancements, business-oriented solutions, and which can significantly bring a boost to the industry.
Cloud Computing Services
Analytics & Data
The Internet of Things (IoT)
Apps for mobility
SAP Software Applications
Productivity enhancement
Technology upgradation

Why NAKA for Manufacturing Industry?

NAKA focuses on IT expertise to provide the best manufacturing business processes, the use of smart factory operations, and engineering intelligence to enable end-to-end visibility.
Manufacturing technology expertise.
Resilient operations
Advanced technology-based solutions
Excellent team of skilled professionals
24*7 support

Choose The Right Technology Partner


What are the key components of an agile digital service model for manufacture?
The five key components of an agile digital service for manufacture include customer-oriented services experience, innovation, and latest technological advancement, smart factory operation.
How can NAKA enhance the experience of digital transformation?
With its resilient IT operations and working methods, NAKA accelerates the digital transformation process. It aims to make the client's digital journey better.
How can technology help the manufacturing sector?
Technology is tremendously expanding and impacts the major area of manufacturing and can promote the overall business.
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