Change the Story Behind the Wheels

Engage with the latest technology to lead the competition and drive the market.

Shift the pace of the wheels with the advancing digital technology.

The changes in the global economies have led to the complexity and diversity of the automotive market. These shifts in the market scenario have made the market more competitive. To survive and grow in the automotive industry, a company must be able to manage and process the demands such as low cost and suitable designs.
With the automotive industry heading towards electrification of vehicles, it has become important for every company of the vertical to develop a cross-collaboration business model for the long run.

NAKA offers to be your collaboration, to drive efficiency, unlock the true potential and create a new business model for sustainability. We work to provide innovative digital solutions in a cost-effective package.

We, at NAKA, work to help you make your product intelligent, eco-friendly, highly efficient through our digital experience and services. NAKA has experience in a wide range of business areas with sufficient business knowledge and expertise.NAKA has offered industry solutions and services that are cost-efficient and quality rich along with optimized product development and product lifecycle.

Develop unparallel technology support to define the pacing world of wheels.


Customer Experience

Transform the customer experience from disconnected interaction to a personalized and relevant experience.

Software-analyzed Vehicles

Developing a vehicle not just as hardware, but also connecting it to software to make it smarter, efficient, and more connected.


Sustainability in the industry has sparked a revolution in the companies to adopt the latest technologies to make the product achievable.

NAKA Automotive Solutions and Services

Mobility Solutions

In the upcoming era, vehicles will be more about customer-centric development and mobility will be reflected through the entire value chain. It will be an expectation from the company to be able to reach out to the customer from anywhere at any time. Mobile-centric digital transformation requires a strategy that can foster efficiency enablement and collaboration of the business.
NAKA has been working on intelligent mobility to shape the vertical in a sustainable way. We work to address the complexity of the ecosystem integration that comes as a challenge to the entire business model. Integrating the strategy with the technology we work to bring an e-revolution in the Automotive Industry.

Application Development
Roadmap and Strategy
Application Integration
Efficiency Enhancement
Security Application

Digital Transformation

In the present, it has become important for a business to collaborate with digital technology to yield maximum profit and sustenance. The automotive industry must also accept the growing need for integration with digital technology. Businesses need to use technology that makes them flexible, scalable, and interoperable. It is about building next-generation vehicles, transforming the enterprise data into a useful asset, and gaining new customers through web presence.
NAKA, helps a company to grow in the competition through using technologies and effective use of real-time analytics. We adapt governance models to changing market dynamics and customer requirements.

Digital Governance
Customer Analytics, Insight, and Optimization
Social Intelligence
Connected Enterprise
Customer Experience

How can NAKA help you in the Automotive Industry?

NAKA focuses on the development of a future business model that deals with all aspects of integration of the complex ecosystem. Our team works with the three pillars of transformation of a business in the changing market i.e. services, in-vehicle feature, and infrastructure.
Developing the Roadmap
Analyzing the Services
Execution of the Model
Maintenance of the Working Model
Management of the Product Lifecycle
Converting Enterprise Data into an Asset
Holistic Customer Experience

Why NAKA for Automotive Industry?

At NAKA, we enhance your overall customer experience by bonding the local capacity with the pool of global advancing technologies and talent. This optimizes the external and internal working process to yield a brilliant customer experience leading to a long-term competitive advantage.
Transparent process
Automation of reports
Better customer experience
Agile working process
24*7 support

Choose The Right Technology Partner


What is the role of social intelligence in the automotive industry?
Social intelligence is about gathering the opinions, sentiments, choices, and preferences of the product and services through social channels. It is about gaining new customers through a well-planned and innovative social presence after analyzing the customer needs and aligning with them.
How can NAKA enhance the experience of digital transformation?
NAKA accelerates the process of digital transformation with its intelligent technologies and effective use of real-time analytics.
How can technology help the shift of the automotive sector towards electrification?
The electrification of vehicles is the need of the hour. Through technology, it is easier to design and develop a hybrid vehicle while imbibing the customer preferences and needs into account.
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