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What is Digital Customer Experience? The DCX Journey

Digital Customer Experience Journey
Digital Transformation

What is Digital Customer Experience? The DCX Journey

Digital customer experience is all about the interaction you have with your customers’ brand digitally and how they make perceptions and experience it through various social media platforms, websites, and other digital touchpoints. The experience a customer has with your brand should be satisfying, high quality, fascinating and emphatic.

If you see a product on a website or social media platform, you may find it attractive. The way the product is presented catches your eye in one look. You desire to have it and find it irresistible. They provide the services worth your money.

In the end, you are fully satisfied with the item of that brand. You recommend it to your colleagues, relatives, and friends. In addition to it, you also return to the same brand whenever you need anything available in the company, which increases the company’s sales and makes a good place in the market. This is what customer experience is!. 

To provide all facilities to your consumers digitally using websites, social media, chatbots, mobile apps, and other digital touchpoints. It is what digital customer experience is called.

We can consider a simple example of the renowned company Google. Relate google with other web browsers, like Yahoo, Outbox, etc. Google has never let us down on the count of good digital customer experience. It has always provided us with all the essential services. It understands our needs and provides us with all the required features. It even understands the problems we face and resolves them as soon as possible. Thus, Google offers an excellent customer experience, taking it to a number one position in competition with other search engines.  


Digital customer experience is the interaction the customers have with you, that is strictly digital, through social media, websites, chatbots, and other digital touchpoints and the perception the customer walks away. It should fulfill the concept that the company provides the information and makes a channel through which buyers can communicate.

Customer experience comprises all experience a customer has regarding the company. It may be in person or digital, like chatting via chatbot, social media handles, face to face, or on call. It includes all traditional ways of services to digital ways of interaction with the customers. It is important to fully utilize the data provided by the digital environment.



In this internet and social media era, DCX helps improve the customer experience. It helps customers reach any business through these channels. Multichannel customers spend 4% more in-store and 10% online. 56% of the CEOs said digital improvement has led to good revenue growth.

Its main motive is to make customers satisfied, have a good experience to come back to you, and suggest others about your brand. It connects the customer with you emotionally, increasing the lifetime value up to 306%. In the case of point, the XM institute found that 92% of customers have high scores for emotions. About 71%-45% of customers return to the brand if they are emotionally connected.

Customers need a personalized experience. Consumers leave the brand if they find that it is not personalized enough. About 33% of consumers left the brand in 2018 pertaining to this issue.

Studies found that 4X customers try a competition after facing a service problem. For example, if you are in the habit of drinking coke, but in the case at some point, you find a little bit of a taste issue, cost issue, or service issue, you may go for Pepsi, which is a tough competitor of coke. Likewise, you may consider an example of Nike and Reebok or maybe some other brand with tough competition.


  •  Create a personalized experience
    The more personalized the data is, the more the customers will feel valued, and the more they will have a good experience. This includes the Machine Learning concept and consists of making personalized chatbots, a social media interaction, and a good team that tells you the offers frequently and that is concerned about solving your issue.
  • Keep it simple
    Too much of everything is hilarious and can change the customer’s mind, like free unwanted calls, too many ads, and needless emails, which may negatively impact consumers who can take away our customers unnecessarily.
  • Provide high-quality content
    Too much content is added every day, but finding good and high-quality content will build on digital customer experience. Good content depends on the industry and audience. For example, if you have a paint brand, you can suggest the designs and colors that will best suit the wall and will have a good notion of your brand.
  • Make happy customers advocate
    Don’t take the customers for granted who give you positive feedback. Tell them how it will be profitable if they help you increase their sales by suggesting them to their friends.
  • Learn from unhappy customers
    Learn from unhappy customers and improve grievances. Then, try to fix it in no time. This will have a great impression. Customers will think you care.


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