Unified Communication Services

Unified Communication Services

Experience impeccable borderless connectivity with unified communication services.

Use unified communication services to maintain seamless connections in your team.

20Years’ Experience in IT

Give the Extra Boost to your Business and Grow with the Right Approach

NAKA is uplifting businesses with its sophisticated tools and services. Unified Communication service is driving an exemplary shift in business. We aim to integrate your digital communication platforms to make them more efficient and unite the team both internally and externally.

In the digital workspace, it is crucial to have a frictionless user experience. With a better customer experience, we can increase the retention rate and promote the market share of the organization.

NAKA works to offer an integrated communication platform that safeguards your data and allows the team to work together to yield maximum output. Our motives to establish a better connection in your team despite the border difference are to yield good ROI. We work with various companies to establish their connectivity and render much-needed services. We offer industry-leading solutions for workplace transformation and efficiency boost.

Satisfied Clients
Successful Projects
Skilled Experts
Global Locations

Switch to a prominent communication platform to accelerate your business growth



Connect with your team on any device from any remote location across the globe through a unified communication platform.


Don’t worry about customer retention and growth rate. We offer unified communication solutions that improve user experience.

Data Security

With our comprehensive approach to the services, we offer enhanced data security with our advanced technical tools.

NAKA Unified Communication Service Suite

Voice and Messaging Services

The technical requirements of the business are to be met to enhance the business connectivity and thereby increase output. Through voice and messaging services, critical information can be shared most securely. With the tight integration of the services, better control over the customer experience is established.

We work with the business to offer collaboration and contact centers services to yield a better customer experience and enhance productivity.

Network Services

A digital network solution is important for the optimized architecture of the workplace. A modern and agile network must be designed to encounter the needs of a business and establish better connectivity.

We identify the need of your business and strategize the right network service for you. We implement network services that can empower your digital future and create better ways to function.

Sharepoint services

To empower a team, organizations need this cloud-based service that can help manage content, share knowledge and applications within the network. A secure data place is important from where a team member can access data using any device is Sharepoint.

We offer a secured Sharepoint to improve the data management in the network and regulate the business operations more efficiently. We believe to increase productivity with our Sharepoint service that offers a centralized administration.

How can NAKA help you with Unified Communication services?

NAKA focuses on expanding business through a comprehensive solution that increases the efficiency of the work process and encourages smooth interaction in the team. Our team focuses on working out a solution that can help collaborate better, improve customer satisfaction and safeguard the data.
Analyzing the requirement
Detailed Strategies
Advanced technology backed service
Enhancing Infrastructure
Upskilling workforce
Enabling productive engagement
Leveraging communication platform
Integrated communication tools

Why NAKA for Unified Communication Services?

Experienced and skilled professionals
Client-focused approach
Implementation of proven methodologies
Constant improvisations and maintenance
24/7 support staff

Choose The Right Technology Partner


Is your unified communication service appropriately integrated?
Absolutely! Our interaction platforms are fully integrated and there is no need to separately check every platform of communication.
Will you be able to implement this unified communication service to our present IT infrastructure?
We work with your current IT infrastructure and implement the UC services with minimum alterations to avoid excessive expenditure.
Does your UC service integrate with the business in all scenarios?
The UC solution offered by us is deployed in a way that suits the business in every scenario and is in sync with its functionality. The solution is so that it is open to integrating with any new innovation.

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