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Strategic Arc

Smart marketing strategies for sustainable growth

Strategies to maximize the company and customer value

Strategize to transform your digital business

The pandemic is a massive disruptor that has expedited many digital transformations. The strategic framework is meant to serve as a road map for our efforts at the local, state, and national levels. The strategy allows a company to make and perform the best solution the digitalized world can offer.

NAKA is a leading digital service and solution platform that offer exhaustive and industry-specific solutions and keep an upper hand in the marketplace. From vision and mission building through goal formulation and operational planning, we at NAKA assist with strategic planning. We also work with businesses to create strategic marketing plans that include community transformation, general outreach, and digital, and content campaigns.

Over 71% of marketers approve strategic keyword is their best SEO strategy.
CRO programs are estimated to increase sales by 70%.

How Strategic Arc helps your business?

To accelerate the business and technological capabilities of organizations, we need to draw a strategy through the wealth of knowledge about consumers.

Practical and trusted information
Knowledge-based analysis
Excellent industry knowledge
Best and guided practices
Job efficiency
Client-oriented results
Planning based model
Agile digital strategies
Improved Digital presence
Better and improved Growth
Boosted Revenue
Business and Consumer Friendly
Satisfied Clients
Successful Projects
Skilled Experts
Global Locations

Our Expertise

Derived from hands-on experience with design, development, and deployment

Marketing Strategy

Strategizing marketing techniques are a must for business to pace up and comply with current market trends. A marketing strategy is an ultimate solution for a business to run its department.

NAKA considers what your company is already doing well and what you’re lacking in terms of the goal you set, making you more likely to achieve it. We help you to re-imagine the future with an agile strategy.

Strategy and Tactics

Modern strategic solutions that ultimately lead to development and transformations and tactical practices to keep up with competitors, strategy and tactics solutions are crafted.

NAKA assists you in staying focused and making plans to meet the goals you’ve set for your company. Our experts strive to carve out the challenges your business is facing and provide the best of all solutions along with ensuring that your business is benefitted.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing is something that determines the forwardness of organizations and businesses in these current times of modernization and digitalization. Digital marketing is the best business strategy that has significantly taken the center stage in marketing practices.

NAKA determines your objectives and the digital marketing instruments you’ll require. Watch, assess, and evaluate the current digital assets and platforms. Our professionals can assist you in auditing and planning your controlled media initiatives.

Change Adoption

Using digital technologies to accelerate adoption and agility can improve your business efficiency while also supporting modern changes.

Change Adoption services from NAKA provide a powerful online strategy for large-scale conversion at scale. Our organized approach enables clients to enhance their digital uptake rate so that their businesses to transform.


NAKA’s services and solutions for a strategy to accelerate the transition to digital make the path obvious and the operation systematic. Our complete strategic digital solutions are tailored to each client’s needs and enable them to have a game-changing effect. We strive to provide strategic solutions that rail up with contemporary digital business practices.

How NAKA does it differently?

Serving clients' best business plan by looking both forward and backward is a huge promise, but the potential of today's new digital capabilities is large and rising.
Service desk solutions are developed to help you operate your clients' remote computers with ease thanks to their streamlined customer experiences and time-saving capabilities.
Take the necessary measures for your organization to gain a digital advantage using the most recent thinking on digital strategy.
To apply performance and drive faster velocity, we create the plan in successive sprints utilizing a "pod-based" team structure.
We believe that strategy should include execution. If a strategy isn't intended for the implementation, it won't have any business impact.
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