Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Adapt Cloud Security for Secured Network

Align with the right security solutions for better cloud security

Secure your Cloud with Comprehensive Solutions

The hurdle that lies in the path of cloud adoption is the risk related to security and compliance. These issues, when compounded with the intricacies of hybrid and multi-cloud setups and a capabilities scarcity, can be big hurdles to a cloud-first strategy. Cloud can offer a wide range of platforms of opportunities to align with the modern services and trends and re-build the operational system.

With a comprehensive spectrum of consulting, stand-alone, and end-to-end Integrated Security Services, NAKA can help you address these security challenges. NAKA has the power, size, and international presence to give you all you need in one needed to handle your security throughout a hybrid cloud IT complex.

Only 35% of businesses say cloud computing has delivered all of their intended results.
The most common impediment of 65% of organizations is, “security and compliance risk.”

How Cloud Security Solutions help your business?

The Cloud Security solutions guarantee that your business is secure including during and after your cloud conversion.

Smarter Risk Context
Response Automation
Easy detection of Cloud Misconfiguration
Delivery of Consistent Network Security Across Clouds
Reduced Vulnerabilities in Containers
Protection of Important assets with evaluated workload protection
Optimized access to new applications
Reduce threats by protecting remote users
Best practices and company policies
Satisfied Clients
Successful Projects
Skilled Experts
Global Locations

Our Expertise

Derived from hands-on experience with design, development, and deployment

Security Posture Management

Technology is the biggest transformation tool today, and organizations must have a holistic approach toward the optimization of technology for their businesses to address the risks involved.

NAKA helps in frequent recognition of gaps and creates a risk-aware infrastructure and strategy for fundamental cloud security that maximizes existing technology expenditures. We bring you the best of all cloud security solutions to improve your overall efficiency and capacity.

Automate Native Security

Automation can open up unprecedented security and growth opportunities. Lack of security can risk a lot of the enterprise’s data and can pose a serious threat to you as well as your customer base. Your enterprise can excel in security and reduce the risks of threats with proper automated native security.

NAKA accelerates the time to value and automates the implementation of security safety barriers for cloud-native applications for your enterprise.

Proactivity and Compliance

Reduction of risk can be difficult for organizations if they lack certain proactivity and compliance requirements. Organizations and enterprises sometimes could not comply with the regulations and incur huge losses.

Companies can optimize the detection and simplification of cloud security activities with NAKA. We assist cloud service providers (CSPs) in mitigating risk and complying with regulatory obligations.

Security monitoring and response

Cost and regulatory standards for financing must be met properly when the cloud is used to secure the overall environment of your enterprise.

We at NAKA, analyze and develop your public cloud utilizing security features and use applications to manage emerging threats and demanding compliance standards.


We, at NAKA, promise you a safe journey to the cloud. Across multi-cloud systems, we provide decentralized firewalling and enhanced threat prevention for people, programs, and data. NAKA has the knowledge and experience to assist you in the prevention associated with cloud migration.

How NAKA does it differently?

Define custom structures and rules tailored to technical needs to prevent security posture blind spots.
By concealing rules or discoveries consisting of pre-criteria, you can reduce misclassification and make allowances for security standards.
Use an advanced risk score system to prioritize the security of the most susceptible cloud resources, making it simple to spot critical results.
Combine unified endpoint management (UEM) with warning systems and response capabilities to deliver a holistic endpoint security solution.
Scalability in virtual networks, availability zones, areas, and public clouds is simple.
Application protection and uniformity are enhanced by the accurate positioning of security and networking services.
The health and compliance of workloads in public clouds are ensured by end-to-end monitoring of networking and security.
Helps to solve legal and management issues throughout your organization's departments and sub-projects.
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