Metrical Marketing

Metrical Marketing

Analyzing Your Growth at Every Step

Record, analyze and improve the metrics for swift and seamless growth

Track to Grow Faster and Better

Marketing metrics are a terrific ability to detect all of your marketing initiatives and their outcomes. Despite this, many small firms continue to ignore their analytics. It’s a crucial metric for determining how well your marketing strategies are working off. Campaigns across marketing channels effectively enhance the value and efficiency of the organization or business.

NAKA’s marketing metrics solutions provide quantitative and qualitative analysis of efforts vs. results. We make smarter judgments for your company, which leads to increased production and profitability.

To estimate the efficacy of a campaign, 89 percent of marketers employ marketing indicators like market share or CLV, as well as gross revenue.
In recent years, 78 percent of marketing organizations have reprioritized or altered their marketing metrics

How Marketing Metrics helps your business?

The right marketing KPIs and taking appropriate measures increase your chances of success.

Tracked metrics
Competitive advantage
Measured performance
Increased Return on Investment
Faster Growth
Increased revenue
Digital marketing support
Identified targeted customers
Channeled integration
Ensured consistency
Automation tools
Increased Traffic
Satisfied Clients
Successful Projects
Skilled Experts
Global Locations

Our Expertise

Derived from hands-on experience with design, development, and deployment

Returning Visitor Metric

The Returning Visitor Metric is critical for demonstrating the effectiveness of content marketing campaigns. It shows the average search rate (pages per session) and average time invested on the site for repeat visitors.

NAKA helps your business with returning visitor metrics by increasing the number of returns and directing it to the browser in which the user previously opened. We help you stand out by providing the required trends the market is following.

Return on Marketing Investment (ROI)

Modern marketing tools and technology contribute to and help in different parameters of marketing including time, energy, growth, and advertising.

NAKA with the solution of Return on Marketing Investment (ROI) helps you with Marketing efforts’ ability to produce additional revenue and how it is measured.

Brand Awareness Metrics

The brand defines you and reflects its uniqueness, creating a brand is as significant as maintaining or running your business. It’s an identity for how people or consumers get to know your products or services.

With NAKA’s Brand Awareness solutions you can track the metrics and see the visibility of how your business appears. We will provide all brand enhancement platforms to represent and create outstanding organic traffic.

Web Traffic sources

The Web Traffic Sources statistic determines which traffic sources are bringing traffic to websites and compares each of them.

NAKA helps in achieving the targeted aims of your business and decreases your burden of marketing and aligning all metrics with the performance dashboard. We drive organic traffic and help your business grow.


Using NAKA’s Metrical Solutions you can gain exposure to digital marketing and digitalization and stand equally in the marketplace. With professional teams and social media expertise, NAKA can assist directly in maintaining the web of your business and keep track of all required activities of marketing.

How NAKA does it differently?

Revenue growth tracking can help you validate your spending in profitable channels. As a result, you redirect cash from low-performing campaigns to higher-value campaigns.
The organization can make better decisions about extra marketing and sales investments using CAC (Customer Acquisition Costs).
Customer lifetime value is used to calculate the overall economic value clients contribute to your company. This statistic also aids in the identification of long-term marketing channels' prospective worth.
Calculating the return on these expenses might help you estimate the efficacy of your marketing efforts. An investment's value and efficacy can be calculated using ROI. It shows the profit or loss on investments.
Huge organic traffic means lower marketing costs for attracting customers to your brand.
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