Dynamic Workplace

Dynamic Workplace

Enhance the Employee Efficiency with Dynamic Workplace

Digital Transformation with New-age Technologies

Modernize your IT environments

The changing expectations of consumers need a transformation that can meet those requirements. A dynamic workplace can be a solution to that when it comes to the productivity of the employees and growth of business. The challenges are bigger for the enterprises which need subsequent involvement to get a result that is optimized and raw.

We, at NAKA, bring the best out of employees and develop their skills with with the tools and technologies that empower the workforce of your business. Improving employee productivity and experience requires a user-centric workplace. We help automate, plan, implement and raise awareness to issues that you might not be aware of.

Over 90% of global business leaders believe that dynamic workplaces will increase productivity.
A study says that the pandemic has hastened the pace of shifting to Dynamic workplace.

How Dynamic Workplace helps your business?

A dynamic workplace simplifies the entire desktop system management by easing the deployment and management of the entire infrastructure. With a dynamic workplace, the entire business accelerates to produce better results with the pre-engineered solutions and tools.

Robust Foundation
Modern Device Management
Cloud-first Platform
More Strategic Initiatives
Insightful Analytics
Proactive Management
End-to-end Automation
Employees-centric Approach
Satisfied Clients
Successful Projects
Skilled Experts
Global Locations

Our Expertise

Derived from hands-on experience with design, development, and deployment

AI-Based Advanced Analytics

Today Businesses need the ability to deliver services and experiences that are more personalized. Your data holds the key to transforming your workplace IT from reactive to predictive.

We enhance our AI-Based Advanced analytics with Machine Learning and AI algorithms that determine the needs of users and their actions. This provides a subtle experience to the employees which effectively utilizes resources and facilitates periodic actions of maintenance.

Automated Omnichannel Support

Issues and barriers can be encountered at any stage of your business transaction such as device downtime, mobile devices, and desktops.

To enhance user experience, our dynamic workplace services and solutions deliver instant answers to arduous issues and minimize the impact of device-related technicalities. With a worldwide reach and adaptable, field-proven solutions, we can help your campus and isolated areas become more productive.

Workforce Platform Management

The management of traditional offices which now include hybrid set-ups and location-friendly approaches have shifted significantly.

We provide integrated transformation in the workplace along with device management, capabilities for application lifecycle management and user provisioning, and assist in flexible working for users in terms of time, place, and device with security.


With NAKA’s modern workplace platform management services, you can create empowered employee experiences, Work securely and efficiently on any device from anywhere.

NAKA helps boost productivity and self-service skills from the start and obtain real-time visibility and control over all managed endpoints. With a precise asset inventory, you’ll know what you have and what you need.

How NAKA does it differently?

Improve the efficiency of your assets and the costs connected with them.
Look into new collaboration technologies and put money into them.
Bring together hybrid employees with practical tools.
NAKA closely works on asset management along with the installation of tools.
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