Security Services

Security Services

New Age Technologies for Business Security

Use the security services to reduce business risk, increase confidentiality and ensure continuous workflow.

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Use the right security service to secure your business.

The proliferation in the availability of technical devices has become a challenge for all organizations to keep their information safe from any threat. A firm needs to understand its strengths and weaknesses to build a proactive defence system that can be effective in the long run.

A well-researched security service is important to guard the entire IT operations against any kind of threat. Organizations need to be updated about the recent developments in the field to stay proactive and safe.

NAKA will build a security wall between you and any threat.

At NAKA, we have a pool of skilled and experienced professionals who are ready to offer you an in-depth assessment of your IT security infrastructure. Our IT security service works to make your system cost-effective, flexible and agile.

The main purpose behind security services is to maintain the confidentiality of your private data. Our experts at NAKA will secure your entire system and will give you the safety that you need for proper functioning.

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Switch to a secured and efficient infrastructure.



Maintain a secured infrastructure where you can ensure data confidentiality .Security services obtain a highly secured network.


Ensure the data is intact in its original form without any malicious modification. We offer data accuracy over its entire work cycle.


Ensuring secured access of data to the authorized users. We offer uninterrupted and protect data availability to the authority.

NAKA Security Service Suite


As the rise of digitalization is at pace, assessment, identification and remediation of any threat is the need of the hour. Our experts toil around the clock to find any cyber threat to the system and eliminate it instantly. Our system works to offer you the most secure progress pathway.

Under Cybersecurity, NAKA covers a wide range of parameters – Integrated threat detection and solution, Better Integration between process, data and product in the real-time, Cost efficiency, and Constant management of data to resolve any vulnerability.

Identify and access management

With advancements in technology, it has become very important for any organization to safeguard its information and private data. IAM must be set up by any organization to keep the firm safe from any external threat, but it should be made flexible to adapt to future developments.

At NAKA, we offer best-in-class IAM services that include Transformation services, Productized services, Managed services with 24/7 Management, and Proactive Monitoring.

Data Privacy and Protection

Prevention of security oversights is very important for the integrity of any firm. Protecting data and individual data has become a concern for global society. The difference in the geographical jurisdiction has forced firms to look into the matter of data privacy very keenly. Data Privacy and Protection encompasses certain parameters.

At NAKA, we offer best-in-class Data Privacy and Protection, Data protection audits, Data threat analysis, Data mapping classification, Policy design & process definition, Feasibility assessment of data.

Security Assurance

Organizations are in constant need of class technology and technical expertise to empower businesses without compromising on security. This makes security assurance an imperative choice. Security Assurance fulfills a few parameters of concern for any business.

NAKA’s certified and highly skilled professionals deliver Reduction in zero false positives, Information Protection, Security control assurance, and Adherence to security regulations.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

In this digital era, the need for Governance, Risk and Compliance is very important for the overall growth and sustainability of the business. The digital dependence of firms has imposed the need to strike the right balance in the business between privacy and progress.

The need for Governance, Risk and Compliance came into play when the following challenges were imposed on the system- Lack of visibility on crucial assets and data, Incomplete coverage of security assets, Losses and their impact on the system due to threats, and Optimization of governance risk.

How can NAKA help you with Security services?

Our team of experts works consistently to prevent any security threats entering your workspace. We work to eliminate any threat or risk to the safety of the organization and deliver the most promising outcome to the clients. Our experts optimize and innovate every layer of security service solution to deliver quality security.
Advanced security and disaster recovery solutions
IT security service specialists
Cyber threat prediction
Better compliance reporting
Reduction in security cost
Proactive security threat management

Why NAKA for Security Services?

Experienced and skilled professionals
Client-focused solutions
Maintaining continuous operations
Latest technology backed solutions
24/7 support staff

Choose The Right Technology Partner


What are the challenges faced by the client that lead to the need for security services?
With the expansion in the reach of digital technology amongst the people, it has become an important need for every organization to make sure that the information is safeguarded.

1. The access to security service will identify any kind of data breach and attacks.

2. It is also important to safeguard the system from any internal or external threat that can disrupt the services. This will also prevent unauthorized access or exploitation by any outsider.

3. Keeping the time in check to raise the efficiency, thereby raising productivity.
How do I select the required security service for my business?
You can select the security service that suits the requirements of your business. It may be a single or a set of services, but that wholly depends on the needs of the business. Also, you can consult with our experts to select the right service option for your business.
What is the total cost of the IT security service provided by NAKA?
The total cost of any service at Naka is very authentic. We serve you with the best quality solutions at the best prices. The total costing of the system can only be determined once you have made your service selection and mention your requirements to the team.
What makes NAKA an ideal choice for security services?
We at NAKA, believe in serving the client and not just profit-making. We have a team of highly skilled professionals who put in their best input to achieve quality solutions for the client. This makes NAKA a brilliant choice for any service.
We are too small of an organization, do we need security services?
Every organization that has digital dependence needs IT security services. The need for digital service has nothing to do with the size of the firm as it is important for every firm to safeguard the data of your organization.

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