Public Sector

Public Sector

Resilient IT Solutions for a Better Governance

Use our exhaustive digital solutions to meet the rising expectations of your stakeholders

Providing Digital Solutions to the Public Sector for Rapid Growth

The Public Sector is under increased pressure to use innovative technologies to improve service and better link staff, constituents, students, and related entities.

NAKA assists public sector organizations in embracing innovation and transforming quickly in order to operate smarter, achieve more, and improve services in the face of rapid change. Disruptive use of potential and digital technology to help bring public sector services to life cost-effectively and efficiently.

NAKA brings a wealth of knowledge to solve the toughest difficulties confronting public sector organizations today by innovating where industry and technology intersect. To help you modernize and get more out of your resources, we mix fresh thinking, insights, and expertise with the capabilities.

NAKA can deliver proven solutions end to end by using our extensive industry expertise and applying it to the specific difficulties that public organizations confront. We’re infusing the government with the innovative thinking it requires to provide what citizens desire.

Bring the Change to Drive the Industry.



Better IT services provider and deliver better government to help steer the intricacies of technology and business.


Through a detailed portfolio of IT facilities, NAKA strives to provide solutions, intuitions, and results.


With exceptional future-ready technologies, NAKA supports people and the government with innovative experiences.

NAKA Public Sector Solutions and Services

Health and Human Services

Public health emergencies do not wait, which is why continuous support is required for public health partners’ vital work at all hours of the day and night. The necessity of effective public health in our communities has been underscored by recent occurrences.
NAKA holds extensive commercial expertise in healthcare, as well as our track record of delivering success in health and human services, giving us a unique perspective on how to improve IT infrastructure and services. Our knowledge encompasses the many facets of the healthcare process, as well as the rapidly growing fields of telework, research, and information technology.

Automation & Data Intelligence
Operations on the Internet
Services for Hybrid Infrastructure
Mission-Oriented Modernization
State Health Advisory & Consulting
Mission-Oriented Modernization
User Interface for Citizen Experience
Cloud Computing for Government
Government Cybersecurity Services

Finance and Administration

NAKA delivers top-level technological services to not only the government in scaling their administrative services but to companies and public businesses as well. Our Public sector solutions are driven by worldwide experiences and trendy technologies.

Digital Operations & Application Services
Cloud Computing for Government
Automation & Data Intelligence
Services for a Dynamic Workplace
Services for Hybrid Infrastructure

How can NAKA help you in the Public Sector?

NAKA has a team that can make this development journey possible. With extremely public-centric policies and frameworks, our team enhances across-the-board experiences with an extensive digital strategy that can encompass advanced solutions in one go. Intelligence and security
Environment and Energy
Law enforcement and justice
Planning and process optimization
Public sector contracts
Improved operational efficiency
Finance and administration

Why NAKA for Public Sector?

We, at NAKA, bring the best of technological and power-driven digital solutions for the public sector, better IT, a world-class business and safety model, extremely reliable and efficient 24*7 service support.
Agile working process
Out-of-the-box solutions
Responsive team
Expert-Approved Solutions
Regular Maintenance
24*7 Support

Choose The Right Technology Partner


What are the key components of an agile digital service model for the public sector?
The key components include future-ready, resilient, innovation-driven, and responsive.
How can NAKA enhance the experience of digital transformation?
NAKA is aware of the needs and requirements of the sector and aspires to provide digital transformation with its amazing IT solutions and working methods.
How can technology help the public sector?
The public sector is a distinct industry that includes the majority of people's participation and technology is the key aspect to bring change in it.
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