Big Data

Big Data

Elevate and accelerate your business value from your Big Data

See the big picture.

Unleash a new way to grow your business

The expanding world has a massive amount of data which is getting more complex day by day. Businesses are creating secure data lakes that process huge amounts of data.

NAKA can assist you in getting the most out of your Big Data. We provide an extensive business solution for intelligence and with our deployment abilities, we can help develop your business, and turn it into a Global Success.

Survey predicts that the Big Data market will grow at a CAGR of 13.2% in 5 years by 2022.
The consumption of Big Data went up to 5000% in the last decade.

How Big Data helps your business?

The Data in your systems can unleash a new world of technology that grows faster. Big Data solutions can help you to maximize the value of your data and achieve better business goals. Big Data has the potential to transform the entire business world.

Fully configured
Secure service
Dedicated Hadoop
Access to resources
Simplified data security and availability
Valuable insights
Reliable predictions
Managed Analytics
Satisfied Clients
Successful Projects
Skilled Experts
Global Locations

Our Expertise

Derived from hands-on experience with design, development, and deployment

Big Data Consulting

With the support of experts, the big data consultancy of NAKA can help you extract important insights from large amounts of multi-structured data.

NAKA provides big data consultation, implementation, support, and managed services to assist businesses to uncover hidden patterns, identifying market trends, and better understanding their customers.

Big Data Implementation and Management

There is a significant amount of analysis needed for Big Data. NAKA’s services are aimed at establishing an effective data management framework and transforming your data into a valuable asset by making it uniform, clean, safe, and analytics-friendly.

Big Data Support

NAKA Big Data support can help you with software updating, and adding the latest users. We have extensive Big Data support including monitoring, troubleshooting, backup, recovery, cleaning, and health checks.

Big Data Managed Analytics Services

From infrastructural setup and support, big data managed analytics services at NAKA are comprehensive, stable, and scalable. NAKA strives to enhance your business by managing your analytics, and extraction with great sincerity.


Customers may easily install Hadoop clusters of any scale using Big Data Services. With big data analysis, businesses can maximise the value of their data and fulfill their business objectives.

Customers can select between greater NVMe storage and low-cost block storage, and their clusters can grow or shrink. To help clients benefit from the big data environment, NAKA offers a variety of big data services, including consultancy, installation, support, and big data as a service.

How NAKA does it differently?

Small, short-lived clusters in flexible virtual environments, huge, long-running clusters on dedicated hardware, or any combination of the two are all possible.
You have complete control over the content that is deployed on your Big Data Service clusters.
Big Data Solution scales to satisfy the needs of a business at a cheap cost while maintaining the greatest levels of security.
Support BI Reporting Services, Performance Dashboards & Scorecards, Data Visualisation, & Exploration.
Management of Unstructured Data, Master Data, Enterprise Data Warehouse / Data Marts, Data Architecture, Data Integration Services, Data Quality, Meta-data.
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