Data Center Services

Data Center Services

Modernize Your Data Center to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Data center services to keep your data management running smoothly.

20Years’ Experience in IT

World-class data center services to grow your business.

We understand that every firm has their own requirements, goals and rules, that require different approaches and data center infrastructure. Data Center services are responsible for data backup, recovery, networking, website hosting, data management and much more, for an IT organization.

NAKA offers you data center services that will improve your work efficiency.

We aim to deploy rapid action solutions that are designed for your firm. We tailor our solution according to your needs. We elevate our services to elevate your customer experience. The better the infrastructure, the faster the business. We involve the latest technology and infrastructure to make the process faster and enable the business for better IT services on demand.

Satisfied Clients
Successful Projects
Skilled Experts
Global Locations

NAKA Data Center Services to Build up a Modern Infrastructure


Modern Infrastructure

Orchestrating the infrastructure to meet the demand of your business. We ensure agile and scalable services through modern infrastructure.

Redefining Work

Redefine your business through the innovative ideas that our team put forward to redefine your story and turn your vision into reality.

Support Services

Being a client-centric firm that offers services that are tailored according to the clients need and are backed by international rules and contracts.

NAKA Data Center Service Suite

Cloud Data Centers

In the digital era, when companies are moving their data to cloud data centers, it becomes important to provide a fault-tolerant highly secured cloud as a service. With companies adopting cloud computing at a faster pace, cloud data centers have started to share workloads. Cloud Data Center offers reliable and faster processing of data.


Our experts develop solutions with the standard methodologies combined with latest technologies. In the evolving market, it is important to stay innovative and develop solutions that are reliable, sustainable and robust. We leverage you with a rich ecosystem that provides a platform to many global leaders, and partner firms.

How can NAKA help you with Data Center services?

Our team of professionals work with enthusiasm, integrity, and innovation with the intent to provide solutions to every IT challenge faced by your firm. Our experts optimize and innovate data center services at every step with the best IT infrastructure. We deliver high performing IT infrastructure for your growth and success.
Secure, Flexible and Scalable solutions
Unlocking new ways for business to be cost-friendly
Simplified business operations
Advanced security and disaster recovery
Increased efficiency
Strong communication
Better Infrastructure for modern solutions
Sustainable solutions

Why NAKA for Data Center Services?

Experienced and skilled professionals
Better support infrastructure
Maintaining continuous operations
Latest technology backed solutions
24/7 support staff

Choose The Right Technology Partner


Do you have a redundant data center?
Information is the biggest asset for any firm.In case of any power failure, it is important to have a redundant data center to avoid any loss of data. Yes, we have redundant data centers to avoid any loss of data in case your operational data center goes offline, due to some reason. The data is replicated immediately to avoid any kind of risk.
What is your uptime rate?
We are available for the entire day and so we promise you an availability of 99.99%. So our uptime is 99.99%. We pay a lot of attention to our infrastructure and maintenance of our services to avoid any kind of mishap.
Do you undergo audits to ensure continuous management of a data center?
We undergo numerous audits in a year to maintain the services and infrastructure of our firm. We check them to make sure to maintain the compliance and ensure the safety and security of the data.
Can I access the data center at any time?
Our data center services are available for 24 hours in a day. You can use them as you need at any hour of the day. Verify with the authority and get an all day access with our data center service experts.
Who can access my information from the data center?
Not that any person can walk in or walk out of a data center whenever they want. There is a control mechanism that verifies and allows the people in a data center. Not anyone except from your allotted set of service experts can access your confidential information. This is how NAKA ensures the safety of their client’s data.

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