Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Optimize the Customer Experience with the best technology solutions

Improve the customer experience solutions to get a complete picture of your customer’s life.

Improve your Customer Journey With Customer Experience Solutions

Lack of a good customer experience, unfortunately, can make your business fall on its feet. There have been instances that traditional customer experience nowadays is showing a deficiency in terms of continuity. Customers whether online or offline must get desired experience and services that can help businesses gain a reputation.

By giving the customer’s concern at the centre of everything, NAKA’s Customer Experience solution allows you to create value. NAKA assists our clients in mastering the capacity to meet a large customer base across many touch points while yet treating each one as an individual. Our services have created a huge amount of positive impact on our customers.

Close to 90% of companies surveyed believe that customer experience is the new competitive battlefield.
The CX Management market in the USA is expected to grow 15.3% every year from 2022 to 2030.

How Customer Experience helps your business?

Customer Experience solutions enhance the Information Architecture of your complete business by facilitating collaboration between the customer and continuous product and service development.

Positive impact
Identified customer activities and needs
Innovation opportunities
Prioritized framework
Customer and Employees impact
Holistic understanding
Customer journey mapping
CX Strategy
Future state vision
Customer assessments
Satisfied Clients
Successful Projects
Skilled Experts
Global Locations

Our Expertise

Derived from hands-on experience with design, development, and deployment

Digital Query Assistant

DQA or Digital Query Assistant runs on an AI-based model and helps organizations in managing and enhancing customer interaction and experience.

NAKA brings you this best AI-powered assistant to make your customers feel a level up than any other service provider. We have professionals who monitor every touchpoint of this DQA AI-based solution inside your business sphere.

Location Mobile Personalisation

Retailers are often observed to not have access to proper technology to get informed about the customer’s location and digital behavior. Local Mobile Personalisation is the right solution for your business.

Leveraging context-aware interaction, NAKA’s Location Mobile Personalisation technology changes outdoor and in-store engagements. While offering greater client experience, this method of solving minimizes the sales cycle, the total cost of ownership, and predictability.

Digital Contact Center Modernisation (DCCM)

The market is now at the stage of dynamism and it will keep changing as the development will continue to take place. A call center service comes into play at this stage when every business wants to give their customer the best experience they can receive in the marketplace.

With NAKA’s digital disruptors, enterprises can transform a call center into an intelligent engagement center, enhancing customer, agent, and supervisor journeys. By developing new operational and strategic skills, we assist our customers in converting a typical cost center into a profit center.


NAKA assists in the transformation of how people engage with services and goods, as well as the mapping of user journeys and patterns of behavior across operating systems. We establish brand uniqueness, and value, and engage customers through emotional connection.

How NAKA does it differently?

To have proper and transparent omnichannel interactions, connect all of your journeys and make purchasing easier for customers, enable procedures such as Collect Wherever, Return Anywhere.
To improve efficiency, unclog phone lines and shorten the quality of service. Empower operators with sophisticated analytics and a unified/universal desktop.
Managers can analyze data and optimize call centers, as well as deliver value via digital disruptors.
Make responsive websites a priority and pay attention to mini. Analytics, IoT, artificial intelligence, and mobility can all help you better understand your customers.
Analyze the consumer journey and behavior to tailor your products.
Make product recommendations that are unique to you.
Create an experience for B2B clients. 24x7x365 customer support with real-time solutions.
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