Managed Cloud

Managed Cloud

Secure and Streamline your Cloud with Managed Cloud Solutions

Maintain a robust and secure cloud infrastructure for higher efficiency

Unleash the Potential Of the Cloud with the Right Partner Firm

Industries have increased the adoption of cloud as the popularity of cloud service providers is at its peak, this is due to the incomplete management of cloud-related tasks inside the organization. Managed cloud services provide detailed support and handle all kinds of cloud-related activities of a company.

We at NAKA, deliver you personalized managed cloud services and solutions to meet all your business needs. Our managed cloud services and solutions assist you in achieving maximum agility and a shorter time to market at the lowest possible cost. We aid in automation, hybrid cloud deployments, self-service abilities, delivery, and management models along with enduring top-notch security.

Server and network resources that are redundant, high-availability, and have a 99.99 percent uptime
Rapid deployment and seamless connection between on-premises IT and our private cloud.

How Managed Cloud Solutions help your business?

Managed Cloud solutiions & services allow an organization to tap into the full potential of the cloud without having expertise. Managed cloud services offer migration, maintenance, and optimization of the cloud for your organization. This will allow your firm to cut the cost of hiring and training.

Infrastructure with a lot of sturdiness
Services and Applications that are centralized
Agreements on Service Levels
Data Security and Recoverability
Regular Updates
Planned Investment
Cloud Management
Security Management And Regulatory Compliance
Reduced Business Risk
Satisfied Clients
Successful Projects
Skilled Experts
Global Locations

Our Expertise

Derived from hands-on experience with design, development, and deployment

Managed Public Cloud

Cloud success can be achieved with the help of experts, a secure framework, and a managed infrastructure. The public cloud is flexible and can deliver the desired outcome.

NAKA’s Managed Public Cloud Services allow you to concentrate on business strategy rather than day-to-day administrative responsibilities. With our agile services, we improve the speed, agility, and cost-effectiveness of your organization.

Managed Private Cloud

Security, compliance, and performance of your infrastructure are the key factors for a Managed Private Cloud solution. To meet the best of your business, personalization is a must when it comes to the cloud.

NAKA’s managed private cloud solutions and services help your business in road mapping and lead to a leading industry network that can scale up your overall efficiency as an organization. In our safe, certified data centers, we give you a dedicated infrastructure and tailor a solution to meet your company’s needs. For ideal performance and high availability, our professionals will collaborate with you to design, implement, and manage your infrastructure.

Managed Infrastructure Services

Comprehensive administration and supervision of your on-premises, cloud and IT infrastructure may improve the overall efficiency and agility of your firm.

With the help of NAKA’s Managed Infrastructure Services, you can enhance the optimal performance and resilience of your enterprise. We can help you improve asset control both internally and externally, as well as lower your IT costs, providing your customer a seamless experience.


NAKA can help you stay viable in this dynamic industry by developing a tailored, cost-effective, and sensible business strategy. We help you generate a fresh viewpoint and adapt an organizational attitude for establishing vital business applications and accomplishing business objectives with our cloud management platform.

How NAKA does it differently?

Advanced monitoring tools for detecting and preventing performance issues before they become catastrophic.
When it comes to engaging with cloud vendors in the event of a serious issue, cloud MSPs are still at the forefront.
Service Level Agreements (SLA) assist your firm gain service continuity by ensuring direct monitoring across service levels.
Your programs and infrastructure cloud will have built-in security protection.
Accelerate your organization's cloud adoption with a hybrid cloud accelerator.
HiveCenter I&O Automation, which is powered by AI/ML, increases the digital output of cloud infrastructure.
Rapid cloud installations that are designed and personalized to fit the needs of the cloud.
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