Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service

Digital Transformation with New-age Technologies

Keep your lights on 24/7

Modernize your IT environments

NAKA takes care of the infrastructure while you buy, install, configure, and manage your software, which includes operating systems, middleware, and applications.

Shifting your organization’s infrastructure to an IaaS platform allows you to save money on hardware, minimize on-premises data center maintenance, and receive real-time business analytics.

NAKA ensures that your infrastructure is dependable and meets service-level agreements by putting in place the relevant agreement.

With term pricing, you can save up to 72 percent relative to pay-as-you-go rates.
NAKA’s Benefit and Reserved Instances can save you up to 80% on your expenditures.

How Infrastructure as a Service help your business?

IaaS solutions allow you to scale up and down your IT resources as needed. They also aid in the rapid provisioning of new apps and the improvement of the overall resilience of your infrastructure.

Lift and Shift Migration
Test and Development
Storage, Backup, Recovery
High-performance computing
Reduces Capital Expenditures
Increase stability, reliability, and support ability
Improves business continuity and disaster recovery
Enhances Security
Satisfied Clients
Successful Projects
Skilled Experts
Global Locations

Our Expertise

Derived from hands-on experience with design, development, and deployment

Virtual Machines

NAKA Spot Virtual Machines and reserved instances can help you save money on the cloud. NAKA Dedicated Host can let you create your private cloud. To improve resiliency, run mission-critical apps in NAKA. To create scalable applications, use Virtual Machine Scale Sets.

Optimize your infrastructure by rightsizing it based on demand. Simplify management and improve the scalability of your mission-critical systems.

Management and Governance

On-premises and in the cloud, management and governance solutions assist your system administrators and programmers in keeping your resources secure and compliant.

Throughout your IT lifecycle, NAKA helps you watch infrastructure and applications, provision and configure services, update apps, analyze dangers, backup resources, design recovery procedures, apply policies, automate processes, and manage expenses.

Mission- Critical Applications

To enable a geographically distributed workforce and be future-ready, modernize your business-critical systems with NAKA using AI and analytics. By uncovering performance insights through embedded intelligence, expanding without restrictions, and controlling security concerns, NAKA’s managed databases may help your IT organization become more efficient.

NAKA helps you optimize capital expenditures and manage unpredictable occurrences, run SAP, high-performance computing applications, and solutions you design.


Reduce costs by getting the exact amount of disc storage your workloads require. Disks are available in a variety of capacities and performance qualities, ranging from 4 GB to 64 TB. With NAKA, Scale from gigabytes to petabytes of storage to get the performance and capacity you need.


NAKA will be able to develop in new ways with highly secure, available, and scalable cloud services if you switch to NAKA’s Infrastructure solutions. Modernize your IT with enterprise-class cloud infrastructure and confidently move your apps.

NAKA helps assure uptime and business continuity by optimizing IT costs and efficiencies on a comprehensive cloud architecture that provides choice and flexibility, boosts scalability and performance as your footprint grows, and helps ensure uptime.

How NAKA does it differently?

Multiple users can share the same physical infrastructure with IaaS.
When consumption for the apps is unpredictable, your company may swiftly build web apps on IaaS and increase existing infrastructure up and down.
IT users can utilize IaaS to access resources via the internet. Supercomputers, computer grids, and computer clusters are used to solve large problems including millions of variables or calculations.
Pay-per-use IaaS services are provided by IaaS providers. Because it necessitates a large amount of technology and personnel, achieving high reliability, business continuity, and disaster recovery are costly.
Instead of focusing on IT infrastructure, IaaS providers concentrate on the organization's core business.
One of the most significant advantages of IaaS is on-demand scalability. Users that utilize IaaS don't have to worry about updating software or troubleshooting issues with hardware components.
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