Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment

Leverage The Digital Solutions To Sustain In The Media And Entertainment Industry.

Increase the productivity and output with experience backed IT Infrastructure.

Drive the Industry towards Evolution with the power of Digital Solutions

With the increase in the number of digital platforms in the media and entertainment industry, companies are keen on finding ways to sustain and evolve. The paradigm shift towards home entertainment has opened the doors of digital transformation for this Industry. For delivering promising output to your customers your IT infrastructure must be scalable, flexible, adaptive, and secure.

The need for the enhancement of broadcast and streaming services in audio-visual capacity has increased. The live broadcasting needs special IT support. A few technologies like automation, big data can be really helpful in generating the response required.

NAKA provides you with the solution that helps with the screen and also complex IT solutions that complete the experience. Our range of services strengthens digital integration and service management to develop a unified strategy across the digital channels.

We, at NAKA, work to offer digital solutions that are reliable, efficient, consistent, and offer continuous relentless connectivity across every endpoint. We work to improve the competitive status of our clients and take pride in increasing their clientele. We identify the needs of our clients, strategize, manage and execute IT solutions to contribute to their growth.

Navigate Your Way To Success In The Industry With Right Digital Solutions


Business Resilient Process

Don't worry about the new technology introduction. Increase the flexibility of your It architecture to adapt the innovations without hindering the continuity of your workflow.


With the shift towards home entertainment, the means of content delivery or broadcasting have changed. Switch to digital solutions to match the pace of change.

Customer Experience

With human-centered solutions, customer experience is highly increased with modern digital solutions.

NAKA Media and Entertainment Solutions and Services

Cloud Capability

With our cloud service, you unlock the hidden potential of your business. The Media and Entertainment industry requires cloud applications to securely save and broadcast their content without any risk. Access to an efficient and affordable cloud service can be revolutionary for the business.
We, at NAKA, work on remarkable cloud services that can contribute to the acceleration of content security and accelerated delivery. User experiences are improved through our cloud services.

Application Development
Application Modernization
Cloud Transformation
Enterprise Application
Hybrid Cloud

Security Services

In the digital era, having an intelligent security system is a big requirement for every industry. With the increasing security threats and changing IT landscape, it is important to invest in the security up-gradation of the business network.
We, at NAKA, work to secure your IT infrastructure with our range of services and solutions. We work to create an efficient, effective, productive, and affordable network.

Data and Content Security
Identify and Access Management
Application Security
Threat Vulnerability and Management
Governance Risk and Compliance

Customer Experience

It is people who drive any business. Any business is done by the people for the people, which makes people the center of everything. With the right strategy, execution, monitoring, and maintenance of the plan, any business can yield great customer satisfaction.
We at NAKA, design our services keeping the users in mind. We create technology-backed solutions that are human-centric, easy to use, and flexible. We target the area of friction and the area of opportunity to build innovative solutions.

Customer Experience Advisory
Journey Design
Customer Engineering
Metric Marketing
Strategic Arc

How can NAKA help you in the Media and Entertainment Industry?

NAKA focuses on maintaining the legacy of your work while designing an infrastructure that fulfills all your requirements. We at NAKA, work to create an amalgamation of technology and creativity to offer you the solutions that boost your efficiency and support growth. Our solutions accelerate the process of search and content retrieval on any digital platform with our technology-backed solutions.
Analytical approach for strategy
Verifying the audience and demographic requirement
Implementation of the vision-driven infrastructure
Customer consumption models
Security measures

Why NAKA for Media & Entertainment Industry?

We at NAKA, offer strong network services that can back the company to sustain itself competitively in the market. The entire infrastructure is developed by NAKA with the intention to strengthen the digitalization of content and mobility demanded by the users. NAKA deploys solutions that are well-structured and researched that are appropriate for the clients’ needs.
Outcome-focused approach
Accelerated business process
Experience backed strategy
Agile working process
24*7 support

Choose The Right Technology Partner


What are the main components of a sustainable digital solution for the media and entertainment industry?
The main components of a sustainable digital solution for the media and entertainment industry include constant innovation, experience, creativity, vision, and standardization.
How can NAKA enhance the work experience with its digital solution?
NAKA improves a clients’ experience by offering the results. We believe in ROI and work to generate maximum output on your investment to contribute to your growth.
How can technology help the media and entertainment industry?
Technology has revolutionized the media and entertainment industry. IoT, AI, Big data, and other technology-backed solutions have improved the delivery of content to the users which has improved customer experience to a great extent.
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