Managed Network and Connectivity

Managed Network and Connectivity

Keep the Lights On Without Distraction

Operate 24/7 with proactive networking infrastructure management

Transform Your Network And Connectivity Services

With the tremendous increase in the usage of internet and connectivity services, the business model is experiencing a boom, yet it lacks requirements and changes to act accordingly. With technology playing such an important role, you’ll need to implement solutions that are simple to set up, administer, and scale-up.

NAKA manages nationwide networks with high capacity and high availability. Our Managed Connectivity Services are at the foundation of our Managed Services portfolio, allowing businesses to connect to the Internet, point-to-point networks, and cloud networks.

We offer SIP trunking voice networking services that allow businesses to link their on-premises PBX, private cloud-hosted telephony, and cloud unified communications systems. With choices for metered and bundled call consumption, our managed connectivity services provide resiliency at a reasonable cost.

How Managed Network and Connectivity will help your business?

Managed Network Connectivity is a sensible and innovative way ahead for firms trying to catch up with their competition. Managed Network Connectivity Solutions provide the same technological advantages as the big companies, but at a lower cost and with full management.

Secure connectivity
Software-defined infrastructure
Uninterrupted services
Minimized downtime
Increased productivity
Faster recovery
Satisfied Clients
Successful Projects
Skilled Experts
Global Locations

Our Expertise

Derived from hands-on experience with design, development, and deployment

Connectivity Services

We provide connection solutions with a variety of add-ons that combine to create a great blend of dependable, robust, and cost-effective packages for getting your business and home employees online. Our high-capacity Ethernet and optical services provide round-the-clock support, administration, and a level of security that we believe is unrivaled.


NAKA collaborates with key internet exchanges and global transit providers to provide managed Internet services to customers, homeworkers, and data centers. Further, we have three internet provisions – Wires only/unmanaged, Managed, Secure Managed.

Managed LAN

NAKA’s Local Area Network services provide single-site connectivity, including local area networks (LANs) that allow for interconnection.

The principal service consists of LAN connectivity services that are restricted to a single site, several sites in the same location, campus sites, and metropolitan area sites, allowing a user to consume a locally, centrally or cloud-delivered service.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking solutions from NAKA connect your office phone or cloud networking solutions and telephony service, like Microsoft Teams or Webex, to the public telephone network, enabling users to make and receive calls. We also license SIP channels centrally, which means you just pay for the entire number of concurrent calls you need across all platforms, rather than how many primary, active, or backup channels you need.


Built on both traditional and software-defined infrastructure, our on-premises, campus, and branch connection services provide a resilient, scalable, and automated wired and/or wireless network. Through our software-defined wide area network services, this extends to inter-site and homeworker connectivity.

How NAKA does it differently?

To ensure that your broadband network is up and running for your important applications, we give real-time insight, maximize network availability, and reduce service restoration time.
We provide "always-on" highly scalable connections to your NAKA-controlled network, ensuring that your network is available for your mission-essential applications at 99.99 percent availability.
To enforce your corporate firewall rules and promote PCI and HIPAA compliance, we offer a variety of Managed Security options, including Cloud-based, Gateway, and Premise-based solutions.
Our solutions are customized to your necessities allowing you to connect securely to your back office, constrain access to authorized personnel only, and effortlessly integrate with your servers.
24*7 support
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