Changing Healthcare Industry in the Era of a Pandemic

Digital solutions to provide the best of technology-driven healthcare mechanisms.

Utilize Secure, Cloud-Based, And Future-Proof Technologies To Secure The Healthcare Sector

The Healthcare Industry stood as the strongest pillar in these times of Covid, saving millions of lives. The system no doubt suffered from many technical and digital inabilities which are now realized and need to be sorted. The new normal has shifted the pace and brought a boom to many businesses.

The traditional method of healthcare may seem to be inadequate in these pressing times and a digital or virtual healthcare mechanism can help the industry to reach each and every corner of the globe.

NAKA helps the industry in a number of ways with the latest technologies, mobile services, and other remote consulting. We are aware of the issues that exist in the real world, and our strategy connects the healthcare industry with vendor-agnostic solution delivery. It’s never been more crucial to work with global digital services and solutions supplier who understands the specific difficulties and opportunities that healthcare presents.

We, at NAKA, facilitate and thrive to care for the patient and the industry’s contribution to the masses, with our agile digital services and enhances technological approach that transforms the mechanism for patients, applications for doctors and Technicians, cloud-based digital pathology, and remote workforce capabilities for staff.

Adapt To The Change In Technology To Accelerate The Growth


Insight Driven

From the back office to the doctor's office we provide a comprehensive range of end-to-end services to assist organizations to become the intelligent healthcare enterprises of the future.

Personalized Services

Individuals are at the center of a human-designed, trustworthy, and knowledge-driven health and wellbeing paradigm.

Innovative Experience

Digital health requires operational transformation, customer experience, and high-impact consulting services that enable businesses to provide personalized, efficient, and informed care.

NAKA Healthcare Solutions and Services

Modernized Infrastructure

Enter the software-driven, cloud-based paradigm to modernize your IT landscape. Reduce maintenance costs and simplify your data center while delivering new applications faster. Health plans may achieve full digital transformation thanks to our industry-leading services and solutions, as well as our decades of experience in the field.
Enable telehealth and secure, real-time mobile access to patient communications and electronic health records (EHRs).

Healthcare Technology Guidance
Virtual Consulting Solutions
Data Security
Disaster Recovery

Cloud and Security

Through cloud-based solutions, provide crucial information, health guidance, transparent billing, and a consistent contact center to your patients. NAKA is the industry leader in cloud-native application building, migration, and data transformation.
With the industry’s most comprehensive managed detection and response (MDR) service, you can combat ransomware and other security threats. Automatically detect and prevent dangers before they turn into fire drills, all while ensuring secure identity management.

Cyber Security
Data Security
Data MDR Services
Application Support
Data Modernization

Workforce Transformation

We use our knowledge in proactive security, supply chain support, telehealth applications, data integration or analytics dashboards– even revenue cycle management, population health, or new IT initiatives– to assist determine the specific method that works for your firm.
We give our staff the tools they need to provide consistent care to patients, whether in the exam room, the lab, the billing department, or the call center.

How can NAKA help you in the Healthcare sector?

NAKA focuses on personalized services and exceptional customer service with secure, innovative, and latest digital services. The team works and creates an insight-driven mechanism to support and accelerate the industry and deliver better outcomes. Our dedicated specialists work at the crossroads of business and technology to offer the power of Insight Driven Health in a demanding new digital environment by combining real-world experience, clinical and business insights, and new, enabling intelligent technologies.
Management of productivity
Infrastructure modernization
Infrastructure maintenance
Cloud computing
Insight-driven technology
Enhanced security

Why NAKA for Healthcare Industry?

At NAKA, we enrich the customer with an overall comprehensive digital platform that consists of advanced healthcare mechanisms and strategies. We support, personalize, manage and improve the total experience offered to the patients.
Remote consulting services
Cloud-based computing
Access to healthcare advice and professional
Better implementations and guidelines
Advanced tech-based solutions
24*7 support

Choose The Right Technology Partner


What are the key components of an agile digital service model for the Healthcare industry?
A personalized experience, real-time consulting services, insight-driven technology, infrastructure modernization, and security are the key components of an agile digital healthcare system.
How can NAKA enhance the experience of digital transformation?
With innovative ideas and technology, a better working force and management, virtual services, NAKA provides the best digital experience.
How can technology help the Healthcare sector?
Technology is a powerful tool that drives the modern world, providing an easy hand and reaching over everything we encounter. Digital services include the latest innovations, inventions, and creativity of the human mind to facilitate industries and enhance customer experiences.
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