Wireless Services

Wireless Services

Unlock your digital capabilities with wireless services.

Choose high-quality wireless services provider, technical expertise, and experience

20Years’ Experience in IT

Simplify the complex network with the advanced wireless services

NAKA is connecting the world with its advanced wireless services. Wireless services have become a very important part of every business to function in the virtual world. We aim to simplify the system, reduce risk and accelerate the network.

As a part of the IT industry, it is crucial to have a well-connected digital workplace. With wireless services the workforce can communicate better and no more need wired connections for access to the network.

NAKA works to unlock the potential of your network with our full lifecycle services. Our motive is to connect your workplace with a proper wireless design, deployment, and integration of the same. We work with different companies to offer them a secured, flexible, and efficient wireless network. We transform the workplace to unlock new opportunities and ways of working.

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Accelerate your business growth with an established network.


Proven Solutions

We work to offer solutions that are tailored through analysis to fit your business requirements.

Innovative Tools

We believe in using advanced tools with our innovative approach to maximize output and efficiency.

Experienced Deployment

We maximize the output quality through the right strategy and deployment of the services by our experienced team.

NAKA Wireless Service Suite

RF Design and Engineering

Before deploying a wireless service, it is important to figure out an organized way to connect the workplace that can determine the coverage, analyze the traffic and site identification. Proper deployment of RF devices in the network, frequency planning, and zoning support are also crucial.

We have a set of professionals who are working to increase wireless services at a rapid pace. We work closely with our clients to deploy the right solutions through our extensive experience.

Benchmark Testing

To maintain the high-level functionality of a network, it is important to test it thoroughly at times. A routine scan of the network is important to detect any kind of snag. Through benchmark testing to evaluate the strength and weakness of the network and improvise accordingly.

We offer benchmark testing to assess the network and strategize the action plan accordingly. We offer a snag-free network for business growth.

Monitoring, Maintaining, and Repairing

To maintain the continuity of workflow, every business needs a well-maintained and monitored network. Regular checks, assessments, and monitoring of the process strengthen the network and build the connectivity required.

We have a team of experts that assess the ongoing process, monitor the performance, and extend the required support in the wake of any fault.

How can NAKA help you with Wireless services?

NAKA focuses on making your workplace more flexible and easily operative through its wireless services. Our team finds a comprehensive solution that can be deployed from the macro-level to the largest industry and is driven to reshape your network.
Analyzing the requirements
Strategizing an actionable plan
Implementing the plan
Redefining infrastructure
Enhancing capacity
Improving access and availability
Assimilating new technologies
Eradicating faults

Why NAKA for Unified Wireless Services?

Proven methodologies
Client-focused approach
End-to-end services
Cost-efficient solution
24/7 support staff

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What is wireless networking?
The use of radio waves to maintain communication across the computer or the workplace infrastructure is wireless networking.
What are the factors that impact wireless network services?
A few factors can impact the performance of a wireless network service such as Interference, Distance, Signal blocking, and wireless device configuration.
What if there is an issue with the performance quality of the network?
In case of any performance quality issue, we offer a 24*7 helpdesk where you can report the issue and our experts will solve it in due time.

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