Data Intelligence and Automation

Data Intelligence and Automation

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Give your business a push with the best strategies of Digital Intelligence & Automation.

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Stay ahead of your competitors with the best Data Intelligence and Automation solutions.

We are living in the digital era where everyone can stay connected to each other, order anything by tapping on their smartphones, and reach customers instantly. However, embracing digital intelligence and automation is anything but easy.

There are several protocols and strategies that companies need to watch out for that can help in boosting their business in the market. From privacy to business cloud security, companies need to ensure that everything is to the mark.

Delivering innovative solutions, NAKA strives to render innovative solutions to its clients. We also deal in transforming your business into an intelligent enterprise by offering Data Intelligence and Automation services.

Our motive is to help businesses move in the right direction with data intelligence and automation solutions. This can help them to be visible and streamline their tasks in the market.

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Process Optimization

Use the new digital technologies to streamline your business process and integrate top solutions to achieve agility.

Data Privacy

Use the data in a safer way to boost business growth and drive performance for the best and innovative results.

Integrate Ecosystems

Offer a seamless digital experience to customers while connecting your supply and chain demand with an automated enterprise process.

NAKA Data Intelligence & Automation Solutions

Data Analytics & Predictive Analytics

In the present times, businesses depend on digital technologies that require agility and speed. The right strategies packed with data intelligence and automation can transform the business into remarkable for today and beyond. Businesses need to prioritize data science and analytics in the early stages to prepare themselves for a brighter future. It helps them to grow beyond unprecedented uncertainties and move in the right direction.

We predict unknown events in the future by offering Data Analytics and Predictive Analytics solutions. Our team of Data Intelligence and Automation experts can help in establishing the businesses from lower grounds to an advantageous point with Natural Processing Capabilities, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

Application Management

Companies need to obtain the right business value that can help in driving efficiency. The motive is to create positive customer experiences and offer real value to the business. Companies are now focusing on boosting their interactions and processes that require applications to offer a multitude of functions. People are investing in applications to optimize processes and enhance revenue for convenience and comfort.

Our experts have IT expertise in application management services. We cover how an application operates, its maintenance, upgrade, and version control. We ensure the peak performance of these applications, such as database, ERP, and Saas.

Business Process as a Service

Several factors have altered the way of doing business that includes technology innovation, competition for the talent pool, evolved customer expectations, product innovation, regulatory influence, and data and analytics. At Naka, our team of experts can take care of all the basic requirements and offer end-to-end administrative services.

We aim to reduce the cost while integrating strategic initiatives to drive innovation and growth. We are helping in business transformation with back, middle, and front office functions using the right technologies to enhance customer experience. Our professionals help in non-core activities, such as regulatory compliance, payment processing and IT incident management with the help of BPaaS.

Dynamic Workplace

The basic customer requirements and expectations have evolved. Companies are focusing on transforming those into digital workplaces to face any challenges that come along the way. Companies need to make more productive decisions, provide frictionless security, and optimize operations. This can be obtained easily with automated services and high-skilled talent.

Our team of experts at NAKA can help in building a roadmap to bring ideas into reality and prevent any type of issues. As a global IT solutions provider, we help you in automating your work wherever possible and preventing issues before the users can even notice them at the workplace.

Big Data Services

Big Data is the requirement of businesses with its data-driven nature and client journey that provides end-to-end data services. It can easily solve the challenges that are faced by companies to become a digital business in the race of Digital Transformation. The companies need to encompass real-time Big Data processing services, Strategies, Analytics solutions, etc.

We assist businesses with our big data analytics, thereby helping them with real-time data ingestion, ETL, batch processing, and storage from different data sources.

Robotic Process Automation

Automation has taken a whole new turn with new digital technologies coming around. The back-office and simple automation is helping businesses to overcome any type of challenges. This can help in handling and optimizing time-consuming business processes ease up with the help of bots and software robots.

Our experienced professionals are skilled in implementing RPA that can significantly benefit your business in terms of higher efficiency and cost savings by automating repetitive and rule-based tasks.

Machine Learning

Companies depend upon datasets to make informed decisions and uncover the possibilities for a brighter future. Organizations are using datasets to resolve challenges, obtain the answers, and take the step towards the right path. This made it vital to have automated and enhanced services that can help in overcoming any errors or challenges. The companies require to opt for new technologies like Machine Learning that can help in fully managing the processes.

Our team of experts in Machine Learning and Data can help to deliver optimum value for Machine Learning Solutions. We let you explore the possibilities of ML for your business growth by creating cutting-edge solutions and implementing ML to various sectors of your business.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is the most sought-after technology for companies. It is the first step towards digital transformation with its exceptional opportunities coming around for professionals. This is making companies opt for IoT that can combine digital focus areas as per the requirements.

Our team of experts can help in tailoring the unique business requirements in IoT solutions to obtain effectiveness. This can help in collecting, analyzing, and interfacing data sets. We let you grow by identifying the pain points of your business and resolving them with the help of IoT.

How can NAKA help you with Data Intelligence & Automation Solutions?

At NAKA, we believe in offering top insights and innovative ideas to clients that can help them thrive in the market. This isn’t possible with any type of strategy, we need to focus on the right setup and eliminate the challenges for the clients.
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Automation experts
Advanced RPA automation
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Why NAKA for Data Intelligence & Automation?

Evaluating the current state
Preparing a roadmap and forming strategies
Implementing the changes and offering security
Refining cloud infrastructure
Boosting capacity
Enabling data-driven decision-making
Leveraging data science
Eliminating manual errors
Hybrid cloud optimization
Secure and intelligent networks

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What is Machine Learning or AI?
Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence exhibited by computers. Machine Learning is a subfield of AI where computers can learn and develop without being specially programmed.
How does Machine Learning work?
Machine learning works on statistical methods such as clustering, regression and classification in predictive analytics.
What is Big Data?
Big Data is a vast collection of data sets whose size is beyond the traditional software tools for capturing, managing, and processing the data in a reasonable time.
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