Digital Workplace

Digital Workplace

Energize your Workforce with Better Services

Adapt the globally accepted hybrid workplace model to optimize your functionality.

Integrate the Three Dimensions of Workplace to your IT Environments

In these changing and demanding times, the workplace is something that you can give your employees who strive to give their best and make your business a success. Employees’ experience is not just limited to the physical workspace but also the facilitation and access of tools, technologies, and methods to enhance their experience and well-being as a human.

NAKA’s digital workplace solutions are what your organization must implement for the employees. We humanize the experience in your workplace and help in creating a better place for your employees. Through a more consumer-like computing environment, we encourage employee performance and engagement.

A survey reports that over 67% of people around the globe prefer working remotely as they feel safe and gain an access to time flexibility.
An expert prediction suggests that 73% of all departments will have a remote workforce by 2028.

How Digital Workplace helps your business?

The digital workplace allows integration of all the dimensions of a person that help them grow better and charge them to innovate to sustain more. The digital workplace is the right balance between technology, operations, and culture.

Omnichannel Experience
AI-powered helpdesk
AI-powered tools
Workplace modernization
User-centric environment
Boosted Productivity
Managed mobility
Security Management And Regulatory Compliance
Performance Visualisation
Satisfied Clients
Successful Projects
Skilled Experts
Global Locations

Our Expertise

Derived from hands-on experience with design, development, and deployment

Client Center

The convenience of a walk-up store is a real client-oriented solution, customers can just walk in with their requests for any kind of replacement or repair, and they can get services anytime.

NAKA’s Workplace support services are user-centric and fully incorporated for the convenience of customers. NAKA can help your customers schedule meetings and appointments via AI-powered Mobile applications along with the support of virtual appointments and services.

Managed Digital Workplace Services

A digital workplace can enhance your workflow and manage all kinds of digital applications for secure access and provides users the desired experience without creating any barriers.

We at NAKA, help you to reduce and mitigate risks and complexities of maintaining BYOD (Bring Your Device) by using a variety of delivery models, including on-premise, managed, and cloud.

Managed Virtualisation

Productivity is a major factor in a managed mobile Virtualization service. Delivery Models, On-premise managed or Cloud are the key by which the virtualization can be managed.

NAKA offers Secure access to endpoints and applications, which can redefine your business capabilities with the help of Desktop as a Service(DaaS). We focus on the overall productivity and digital safety of your organization.

Infrastructure Consulting

Consultation service when met in an organizational setup can transform and bring about a significant change and advancement.

NAKA offers Infrastructure consulting services that are client-oriented and flexible. The consultancy services provide a methodological way of planning the overall security, networks, devices, and mobile application platform.


NAKA helps customers survive in the new atmosphere by transforming workplace spaces into slightly elevated, high-performance ecosystems. NAKA workplace solutions model integrates in-depth knowledge of end-user computing experience and knowledge gained through years of offering efficient end-user computing conversions around the world with user-centric designs to alter the workplace.

How NAKA does it differently?

Client-centric methodology, evolving digital ecosystem, intensive planning, and advisory services
Offering a cutting-edge collaborative approach with an emphasis on employee satisfaction
A diverse set of desktop solutions that enable build a high end-user experience by standardizing, automating, and simplifying services.
Customer satisfaction surveys that are extremely transparent along with self-service portals, service catalogs, automation frameworks, and ticket-workflow management.
Responses and resolution of incidents through a single point of contact based on SLAs, as well as coordination with third-party suppliers.
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