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Use the digital solutions to create a better future with the latest technology.

Adapt The Digital Ecosystem To Evolve With The Changing World Of Education

In the era of the pandemic, when every vertical of industries suffered, the education industry also bore a huge loss. Children can learn best in school, but their education suffered as the pandemic brought down the whole world in lockdown. This along with any other factors catalyzed the pace of change in the education world. More technologies have been adapted and implemented to sustain.

The traditional methods of learning required nontechnical ways, but now mobile applications, smart education methods, online classes, and other technology-enabled solutions have replaced the earlier means to a huge extent.

NAKA provides you with collaborative, mobile-driven applications and other remote access solutions to complete the remote learning environment. Our education solution creates a seamless and stress-free learning environment that is flexible and affordable.

We, at NAKA, work to facilitate your on-campus as well as a remote learning experience. We support you with digital tools that can streamline operations. We transform the education infrastructure to boost the evolution process of the industry to keep up with the rapidly changing environment.

Redesign your campus with the right services and right digital partner.


Adaptive Learning

Creating solutions that are personalized for the needs of the student. We offer high-quality interactive educational content.


Creating your digital identity and providing you with smarter learning spaces. We have an experienced team to create, execute and maintain your solutions.

Acceleration and Innovation

Adapting to the changing digital environment can accelerate the digital journey. We offer technology-based innovative solutions to create a better learning space.

NAKA Education Solutions and Services

Primary-Secondary Education

The changing education landscape demands a change in the learning process as well. The introduction of IT technology can give new heights to the knowledge and curiosity of the students. With the globe in reach, a student can expand their horizons and learn from any demographic location in the world. In the time of the pandemic, digital transformation has become a necessity for schools to deliver solutions and monitor students.
NAKA offers you a digital solution to transform the entire infrastructure. We offer students new technologies that are customized to deliver personalized content to boost their performance.

Education Analytics
Managed Services
Business Process Outsourcing
Digital Services
Technology Consulting

Higher Education

In the ongoing pandemic, the online education system has emerged as the new norm. For students to adjust to this new normal, they require reliable, secure, and innovative technology solutions. The education solutions must support the learning process.
We at NAKA, empower your educational system with a change in technology used. We offer secure infrastructure that can maintain the legacy of the institute and also innovate the means of education. We start with strategizing your infrastructure and continue its maintenance.

How can NAKA help you in the Education Industry?

NAKA focuses on providing the services to support the education of students without compromising their overall experience. Our team creates hybrid and flexible technology models that accelerate the digital transformation in education and deliver desired outcomes.
Infrastructure Modernization
Infrastructure Maintenance
Management of the product lifecycle
Leveraging data to support actions
Driving Innovation

Why NAKA for Education Industry?

At NAKA, we enhance your overall learning experience with a comprehensive digital ecosystem that can incorporate advanced learning methodologies. At NAKA, we design, customize, implement, manage and improve the education infrastructure with technology.
Remote learning expertise
Resilient operations
Agile business process
Advanced technology-based solutions
24*7 support

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What are the key components of an agile digital service model for education?
The five key components of an agile digital service architecture for education include experience, insight, assurance, acceleration, and innovation.
How can NAKA enhance the experience of digital transformation?
NAKA accelerates the process of digital transformation with its resilient IT operations and working processes. It works to improve the client's digital journey.
How can technology help the education sector?
Technology impacts the major area of education and can promote learning to remote areas as well. This allows updated information sharing and helps better the learning experience through audio-visual modes of learning.
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