Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Digital Transformation with New-age Products

Modernize your IT environment with ML as a Service

Unleash intelligence like never before.

Businesses are becoming Cost-efficient with scalable infrastructure by deploying Machine learning integrated models and services. In this super fast-changing business model where development happens every day, organizations are looking to manage machine learning with the best methods available.

With our machine learning development services, NAKA aims to delight customers while also assisting enterprises. NAKA helps businesses achieve personalization and customer convenience at scale by leveraging deep technological knowledge in machine learning development services.

Over 50% of the organizations claim to adapt machine learning faster and earlier.
Companies believe that the adaptation of ML has improved efficiency and speed of processes by 50%.

How Machine Learning helps your business?

Machine Learning as a service enhances the speed of data preparation and scales the data usage to improve the overall efficiency.

Data-driven decisions
Improved model quality
Protected tata
Built-in governance
Scalable infrastructure
Responsible solutions
Reliable predictions
Managed Analytics
Satisfied Clients
Successful Projects
Skilled Experts
Global Locations

Our Expertise

Derived from hands-on experience with design, development, and deployment

Value Identification Advisory

Scaling technology to obtain full access, businesses are adopting machine learning. Still, a very less percentage of organizations today are able to scale it in their businesses.

NAKA’s advisory and consulting with value identification can help bring efficiency to your business. We make certain that intelligence is scalable and entrenched across the board. We deploy models powered with AWS and maintain the priority of smart, business-driven results.

Maintenance and Management

Maintenance and management bring efficiency and reliability to position MLOps engineering. Organizations are improving their ML models as the changes in businesses take place to Copley with the future models.

At NAKA, we test and refine machine learning models in discrete experimental systems until the algorithms are ready to be deployed in real-world settings.

Production and Integration

Integration challenges are often encountered when businesses install models of Machine learning. Requirements of ethics and security still prevail when it comes to ML conditions of loading and Downloading.

The MLOps Accelerator from NAKA is a persona-driven, UI-based application that makes it simple to industrialize models by covering all areas of model management solutions.


NAKA provides the expertise, frameworks, accelerators, and support needed to ensure that our machine learning and machine learning operations solutions deliver maximum value to every developer, data scientist, and executioner.

How NAKA does it differently?

Using the best AWS infrastructure and SageMaker, quickly build, train, monitor, and deploy models at scale.
Deliver explainable and bias-free forecasts, as well as repeatable and consistent results.
Utilize the complete monitoring and automated retaining features.
Persona-driven dashboards and metrics should be available to all users, including data scientists, business users, ML engineers, and data engineers.
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