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Data Center Transformation: Travel Industry

data center-tranformation travel industry
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Data Center Transformation: Travel Industry

The pandemic has affected all industries most unexpectedly. At a time when the world was blooming with all industries flourishing, Covid-19 jolted the entire globe. The travel industry is one of the most affected ones. The constant degradation in the number of travelers and the shrinkage in profit margins had posed a new challenge to the front of the entire industry. Organizations needed to optimize their cost and technologies to create profit margins and better customer experience. 

The travel industry has been evolving in terms of technology, and the pandemic has paced up the need for IT indulgence in it. With all the technological advancements, cloud computing has made its place in the industry. 

Some of you must be thinking about how cloud computing can impact the travel industry at such a massive level to cause significant changes.

As per a report by Statista,In 2021, one-third of surveyed hospitality and airlines senior executives globally asserted that their institutions have already implemented cloud services across the platform. This statistical data shows the adaptation of cloud computing post-pandemic.

The Impact of Data Center Transformation on the Travel Industry

Cloud has been received as a game-changer technology that has transformed the way data is analyzed, stored, processed, and used. Let’s understand what made data center transformation crucial for the industry.

Customized Services for the Travelers

The increased use of cloud computing in hospitality organizations has made data storage much more convenient. The data stored gives a clever insight into user preferences. With the knowledge of user preferences, it becomes easy to customize a travel package according to the needs of the traveler. 

With social media in play, it becomes easier for the travel industry to get a hold of the trending places for people of a particular location. The data collected and synchronized through different platforms help technicians to analyze and strategize their marketing plans, making them more valuable.

Cost Optimization

Cost Optimization! Well, the term, in starting may sound a bit impractical while adapting the new technology, but it will become a practical thing once the technology comes into play. The on-site maintenance of infrastructure may cost too much of the profit share for any traveling company and this justifies the need for data center transformation or the introduction of cloud computing. In the off-season for the travel business, the cost of infrastructure maintenance may seem to be too high and a bit of a burden, but with cloud computing, this problem is easily resolved, and the company can increase its profit margins considerably. 

Better Customer Service

There is a constant change in the footfall of tourist places as per the weather and season change, and the need for data storage may vary accordingly. This is easily compensated with cloud computing technology. 

The introduction of chatbots has facilitated users to a great extent. The stored data in the cloud reduces the response time and accelerates customer request processing by eliminating the need for constant human involvement. It keeps the industry updated and competitive. This also gives space to the employees to practice innovation and bring out their creativity. 

Application Development 

Clouds make the development of applications easier by the use of pre-developed codes that can help in developing a reliable application. The apps ease the task of travelers and add a big advantage for the firm. The traveler through these apps can easily streamline the booking services for hotels and restaurants. Cloud computing has eased the development of applications, thereby reducing the response time and creating a bridge between the company and the traveler. 

Disaster Management & Recovery

Data loss is one of the huge losses for any person in any industry, and cloud computing eliminates this loss. The downtime in times of crisis is minimum in cloud computing, and the chances of data loss are minimal. There is always backup data stored in a safer location to access during times of disaster. It reduces the chances of data loss and saves the system from any disaster, but in an on-site setup, the data might not be recovered in the event of a power outage or other disastrous situations.

The reasons why cloud computing or data center transformation is a need of the travel industry can go on and on. Cloud computing can be your technical way to success, growth , and profit-making. The most reliable, agile, flexible ,scalable, and cost-efficient technology: Cloud, can help you thrive in the travel industry. How?

Find Your Right Cloud Partner

Now, you know why cloud computing is important for your travel firm to thrive and grow, but is it possible without expert guidance? The answer is NO!

You need someone to guide you through the journey of data center transformation, right from strategy and migration to maintenance. There is a constant balance between frontend and backend task management, and that can only be achieved with the right partner firm.

Well, NAKA can be your right partner. NAKA has a team of experts who can support your system and help you bring in the technology smoothly. We take care of your cloud from the beginning to the last step. For more information about our travel industry cloud computing services, book a consultation call now!



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