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Top Ways To Leverage Technology for Business Growth

Leverage Technology for Business growth | Naka Tech
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Top Ways To Leverage Technology for Business Growth

Technologies are continuously advancing our world, in several ways. For instance, 8 out of 10 users already have a smartphone and are utilizing different applications to ease their lifestyle. These advances are also playing a crucial role in business growth in different ways.

From analytics to business process optimization, trending innovations are taking place as the most preferred digital assets for the companies. Last year, the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices showed tremendous growth in the business sector. Companies like Fitbit, Google, and Apple are pushing innovative ideas for business automation.

Let’s start with the unique and effective ways of leveraging technologies for growing your business:


1. Well-thought strategy
For effective usage of innovation, it is fundamental to build up a strategy that reports the business drivers and difficulties, the cycle issues, and the current IT arrangement. This will assist you in understanding what should be cultivated and actualized to accomplish the ideal business objectives.

2. Embrace change
You are probably going to move toward change and innovations with a solid measure of suspicion. Contingent upon the task, it can require a while of wanting to build up a sound and future-confirmation IT procedure that follows the more extensive vision for your business.
Regardless, it is essential to grasp the speed of that change. Keep in mind, obstruction implies your business may slip behind the opposition!

3. Better Decision-making
Innovation empowers the mining of a lot of constant information. Organizations with admittance to precise and compelling information become quicker by 35% every year. Constant information assists with settling on educated business choices, which helps make consistent upgrades and business development.

4. Improved agility
Authoritative deftness is basic for business achievement. With the capacity to react quickly to arising patterns and changing economic situations, you can outflank the opposition and drive business development.
Examination by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) proposes lithe organizations develop income 37 percent quicker and produce 30% higher benefits than non-dexterous organizations.

5. The right tools
As per the Techaisle 2015 SMB Cloud Adoption Trends Study, almost 50% of organizations state the cloud makes them more coordinated, permitting them to adjust all the more rapidly to changing business needs.
Regardless of whether extending the foundation that controls your business applications or adding new PCs, gadgets, and applications that help your representatives work all the more effectively, the cloud offers portability and adaptability to help you foresee, oversee and react rapidly to the dynamic market requests.

Business automation is reaching new heights and more companies are experiencing steep growth due to the essence of these technologies.

Trending Technologies For Business Growth
Trending Technologies For Business Growth | Naka Tech

Here are some major areas where technologies are dominating and embracing business development:

1. Data Analytics
Knowing where your guests are coming from isn’t simply intriguing, it’s additionally advantageous. These informational indexes permit you to see where to center your endeavors to produce more leads (and ideally, more users).
The magnificence of a CRM, call following programming, web-based media, and even chatbots are they give your business important information about guests, leads, and users.
Your groups would then be able to utilize this information to make acclimations to your business cycle, content creation, consumer loyalty, and the sky’s the limit from there.

2. Lead Nurturing
It’s really hard to develop your business without procuring new users, however, the way toward getting leads and sustaining them to turn out to be long-haul customers requires a lot of moving parts. Putting resources into innovation developments that permit you to smooth out this cycle is, truth be told, fundamental.
This effective smooth out of cycles furnishes your leads with a positive guest experience, while at the same time furnishing your promoting and outreach groups with important data about possible users.

3. Customer Support
While giving a phenomenal user support insight, you are bound to hold current users and increment the chances that they will tell their companions, associates, and even colleagues about you.
This makes a first in class user experience perhaps the most ideal approaches to use innovation to develop your business in the sense it offers some incentive for both you and your user. User care is seen through an amplifying focal point via online media making it basic you are giving the best user experience you can.

Most online media stages are free for organizations to utilize and advise colleagues immediately when somebody poses an inquiry, leaves criticism, or sends a private message.
A social media platform, like Hootsuite, rapidly and proficiently permits you to screen a large portion of your social records inside one composite solution so you can rapidly answer messages, remarks, and audits from a solitary dashboard.

The same principle can be used with a chat feature on your organization’s website. Whether a member of your account management team is designated to monitor this feature, or use a chatbot to field questions, responding quickly and efficiently to questions or problems helps increase the level of trust visitors have for your business.

It’s pretty easy to see the importance of leveraging technology as your business grows and digitally transforms. While the number of available options increases every day, finding the tools and software you need doesn’t have to be overwhelming.


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