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The Rise Of Telemedicine And Telehealth For Good

The Rise Of Telemedicine And Telehealth For Good
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The Rise Of Telemedicine And Telehealth For Good

The internet has transformed modern life. From searching for a way to stay in touch with family and friends to purchase goods and services, it has changed the way we live.

Now, technology has reached its peak that allows the users to get doctor’s consultation instantly and medicines delivered at the doorstep with a few clicks. This is all possible due to the telemedicine and telehealth services for the consumers.

Today, varieties of telehealth and telemedicine tools and services are available to help you manage your health and receive the required services.

Are you leveraging such services? 

Let’s see how the rise of telemedicine and telehealth puts more exposure and fulfills on-demand consultation of the patients.

The Rise Of Telemedicine And Telehealth

Before the COVID-19 crisis, seeking in-person consultation with the doctor to discuss the issue for a better diagnosis was a norm. But, as the stake of this pandemic overrides, seeking an in-person consultation becomes difficult for the patients.

Lockdown forced a disconnection between people and hospitals in terms of in-person attendance. The core issue is to augment the traditional clinic and hospital-based model of healthcare with models that incorporate new technologies that could provide affordable and prompt healthcare services. 

The whole health sector is now leveraging technology to provide on-demand consultation to patients to find a solution. Telehealth and telemedicine have become the silver lining solution for this problem leading to the rise of technology in the healthcare sector.

Understanding Telehealth And Telemedicine

Telehealth refers to non-clinical services to the patients by including various technologies and services for the health care professionals. Telehealth includes delivering healthcare-related information, education, and training health workers using technologies like- internet and telecommunications to improve the entire health care delivery system.

Telemedicine represents real-time interactive communication between the patient and the physician with high quality, integrity, and confidentiality from disparate locations. It specifically refers to remote clinical services and makes process flow easier between doctors and patients.

Telemedicine and telehealth use different technologies to increase the capacity and handle the patients’ increased load and on-demand consultation. Let’s see how the involvement of technologies in the healthcare sector enhances the optimal experience of the patients.

Online Scheduling Of Patients

Earlier, if you have to schedule an appointment or consultation with the doctors, you have to visit personally and take the proper time and date. Today, patients can easily schedule online appointments, consultations, follow-up visits, online or on-demand consultations with doctors. This convenience and easy online scheduling are possible with the advancement of technology in the healthcare sector and with the rise in telemedicine and telehealth. 

Remote Monitoring Of Patients

Telehealth and telemedicine have enabled online consultation as well as remote monitoring of patients through live video conferencing. All the test reports, blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose reading are automatically updated to the records with a web-based or mobile-enabled app – enabling remote monitoring for the patients to connect with the doctors and get accurate consultations. 

Easy Access To Patients Records 

Doctors and patients can use cloud technology to share the necessary details. Whenever you consult with a doctor, they can access all your medical history and records so that you don’t have to carry your medical records. With ready access to the medical history and records, doctors provide better consultation to the patients.

Better Consultation Experience To The Patients

Telehealth and telemedicine have the potential to improve the quality of healthcare and make it accessible to more people. It provides opportunities to make healthcare more efficient, better, coordinated, and closer to home. Virtual consultation and on-demand consultation are providing better communication between the patient and doctor. The interaction between the patient and doctor is so clear that it feels like interacting in real life. Telemedicine and telehealth offer superior interaction with the doctors to enhance the experience of the patients.

Maintains Privacy Of Patients

Patients using online consultation expect the same quality of care and service they receive during an in-person consultation. The consultation session should be delivered in ways that maintain patient privacy and ensure clinical mobility. With the end-to-end encryption technology, a patient’s telemedicine session is secure to the fullest and leaves no room for data breaching.


“Telemedicine” and “Telehealth” are already influencing patient expectations by delivering better healthcare consultation. With the introduction of technology in the healthcare sector, convenience and excellence in delivering services are rising to run perfectly and continue to grow. 

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