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Top DevOps Automation tools required for automation & configuration

DevOps Automation Tools
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Top DevOps Automation tools required for automation & configuration

When you look around and see the wide variety of DevOps tools available, you should start changing the way you and your teams interact with each other and with other systems administration. To achieve this in a cloud technology company in long island, you need tools that help you automate the processes no matter where you are or where your applications are. This can be done with the help of several DevOps Automation tools listed below:

DevOps Automation tools required for automation

  1. Ansible

Working with cloud services and solutions can be quite hectic as it requires doing the same work over and over again. But, your task would have been so much easier if you were to use a tool which could solve your problem by automating the processes going forward.  You can achieve this by making use of Ansible. Ansible is an IT automation engine that helps in automating the cloud provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, intra-service orchestration and other tasks related to Information Technology. It models your IT infrastructure by inter-relating all your systems, rather than managing only one system at a time.

Ansible is quite easy to deploy as DevOps automation tools company in long island as it does not require any agents or additional custom security infrastructure.  Additionally, it uses a very simple language that is more similar to plain English so it is easy to deploy. The working of Ansible is done with the help of modules known as “Ansible modules” which are the programs written to be the resource models of the desired state.

  1. Docker

When we begin a new project for a cloud technology company in long islandwe spend a huge amount of time configuring the environment and fixing the issues associated with it. Here is where Docker plays an important role. With the help of Docker technology, we can easily build a file that helps in configuring an environment and generally works bug-free, thereby, saving the time spent in configuration and problem solving. Some of the major advantages of Docker include-

  • Easy to use software- Docker file is easy to configure and set up in cloud services and solutions. You can set up the Docker container just by configuring the correct configurations and packages you will require for meeting your purpose.
  • Quick Speed-Docker is very lightweight and quick to start as it uses the kernel of Linux unlike VM.
  • Saves time- This is an added advantage with Docker as we just need a Dockerfile and run a command for it to start. The running command saves a significant amount of time that is usually taken by other files.
  1. Puppet

Puppet software can define the infrastructure as a single code, help in managing the multiple servers, and enforces system configurations easily. With these qualities, the Puppet proves to be an efficient software in DevOps automation tools company in long island. Constantly modifying scripts to run the servers can be quite tiring and time consuming as well. According to a RightScale’s survey conducted in 2016, Puppet software helps in solving this problem by automating the server setup, the program installation, and the management of the system. Almost 42 percent of the businesses use Puppet due to these qualities of the software of automating the tasks. It is commonly used as a deployment tool on Linux and Windows to pull strings on several application servers all at once.

  1. Jenkins

If you are looking for a go-to DevOps tool for your cloud technology company in long island, then Jenkins is the best software for you. It is an open source CI/CD server that will allow you to automate different stages of the pipeline of your delivery. From Docket to Puppet, it currently offer more than a thousand plugins, integrating almost all the DevOps tools. It is very easy to start with Jenkins as it is compatible in running on almost all platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. You can install it easily using a frequently used plugin or through a web interface. You are also allowed to create your own custom configuration as well, if it is all required.

  1. Kubernetes

Kubernetes is known to be the container platform that takes the containerization to the next level. It works well with several other DevOps automation tools. You do not require a container orchestration platform for Kubernetes if you already have a few containers. Kubernetes helps the cloud services and solutionsin automating the process of managing hundreds of containers in a single go. You can easily deploy your containerized apps to a cluster of computers with the help of Kubernetes.

  1. Chef

The Chef DevOps tool makes it a lot easier to deploy the applications and orchestrate servers in a cloud. It helps programmers and system administrators to work together very efficiently. This saves the time of developers, where they earlier had to write applications and wait for the Ops staff to figure out a way to deploy it. Chef is a software which helps in serving both communities.

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