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How to Streamline Your Legacy System Using a Data Center Modernization Strategy?

How to Streamline Your Legacy System Using a Data Center Modernization Strategy
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How to Streamline Your Legacy System Using a Data Center Modernization Strategy?

In the era of technology, the growth of a company is highly dependent upon its upgraded technology and infrastructure management. The degree of agility, flexibility, and resilience of the data center can decide the success of your business. With the technology available in the market, a business can transform its legacy system through a data center modernization strategy and create a powerful and sustainable future-ready system.

As time rolls, we have been observing the changes in the data centers around and it is believed that ten years down the lane, they will look completely unrecognizable. The accelerated pace of digitization has forced companies to adopt better IT infrastructures. It is the reason why businesses require better strategy and optimized technology adaptation.

According to Global Market Insights, “ Data Center Services Market size exceeded USD 15 billion in 2020 and is set to grow at 10.5% CAGR from 2021 to 2027.” The numbers say it all!

Understanding the Legacy Systems

The literal meaning of the legacy system is a technology setup that has outdated and does not allow growth, but maybe still in use by a company.  If the strategy of a legacy system works fine, then why will a company replace it? In some cases, it is seen that the company highly believes in the legacy system and utilizes them in the long run through data center modernization.

To streamline the legacy system, a company may use comprehensive reformations with a few considerations in the account. Many factors affect the reformation process, but a few key factors to be kept in account include:

  • Ease of Implementation, Execution, and Management: The team of data center management must be well equipped with the knowledge of the system so that the process is smooth to run.
  • Financial Analysis: The analysis of economic optimization of any new implementation is very important beforehand. It gives a clear graph of the financial journey.
  • Integration Issue: With the new integrations in the process of technology advancement it is important to resolve the hurdles in time. 
  • Efficiency Evaluation: The change in the technology yields better results, but calculating its worthiness in terms of efficiency is crucial.

Steps to Start the Modernization of Your Legacy System

Modernizing any business legacy requires detailed analysis before implementation. There is always a chance that legacy systems are slowing the pace of your business’s digital transformation. So before doing anything there are a few things that you need to check:

Testing with the six-driver factors: Before implementing the strategy for modernization you must look into the current capacity and capability of your company. Check the six-driver factors before taking any step.

  • Business Value
  • Business Fit
  • Complexity
  • Cost Assessment
  • Agility and Flexibility
  • Risk Factor

Assessment of the requirement: Before anything else, it is important to asses the exact change required in the business model. You need to find a way that is less risky and more economical. You need to understand which strategy will workout for your system, it may be replatforming, rehosting, wrapper approach, rearchitecture or rebuilding. 

Selecting the right partner firm: Right solution provider for you is the one that knows your business well. There is a detailed and comprehensive solution requirement for all the fims, so you need to choose a firm good with their research work along with the architecturing, implementation and execution. NAKA Tech is one such firm. 

Data Center Modernization Strategy

With the decision to modernize the data center, there are two things that are essential . First of them is the legacy maintenance and second, is data migration.

Legacy Maintenance

To maintain the legacy of the system, it is important to select the right path towards modernization. It is important to choose a path that is faster, user friendly and cost effective. Legacy maintenance can be done through technology implementation that offers the right balance between mainframe maintenance and sustainable technology implementation.

Legacy Maintenance if done the right way, leads to smooth transition.

Data Migration

The shift from legacy system to modern data center needs the shift of data as well. The data migration can be complex and crucial task. There are a set of challenges like security breach issues, cost effectiveness, technology selection and others, but to create an efficient network it is important to be performed well. With a couple of steps, you can successfully migrate the data from your legacy system to data center and leverage it.

  • Data Extraction
  • Data Transition
  • Data Refinement
  • Data Verification
  • Data Uploading

Streamline your Legacy system with NAKA

NAKA has always adapted a very client oriented startegy. We believe in the journey of your digital transformation. Our team has a handful of experts who are eager to moedrnize your business with their innovative solutions. We understand the requirement to shift from a legacy system to a modern IT infrastructure and we help you overcome that technology barrier. We believe in addressing the needs of your business with right technology.

Our approach is an amalgamation of the classic knowledge, modern technology and innovative solutions. If you also want to witness your business transformation with data center modernization, visit NAKA!

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