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What is the future of the staffing industry?

Staffing Industry

What is the future of the staffing industry?

The staffing industry is amidst a technology transformation. Technology advances are not new to the staffing industry. Recruitment and marketing automation, automated matching and parsing and other advancements in the staffing industry have provided a huge benefit to the recruiters and helped them in saving buckets of time.

Moreover, with the proper processes, segmentation and matching, recruiters are now able to offer better experiences to the candidates. Candidates can now easily match the job requirements according to their skills and abilities. Along with this, some other major trends are prevailing in the staffing industry that will surely impact the future growth of the industry positively.

Future trends of the staffing industry

  1. Better recruitment process

According to a study, 68% of the professionals who are involved in the recruiting process say that the most efficient way to improve the recruiting performance in the next five years is to invest time and money in new recruiting technology.

Recruiting is a tiring process as it involves sourcing, engaging, and nurturing candidates throughout the process. This can be very exhausting especially when hundreds of candidates are involved. This process of hiring needs to be streamlined and automated to save time and resources invested by the recruitment firms. The streamlining and automation can be achieved by-

  • Automate the sourcing with Watchdogs
  • Automated matching of the candidate’s profile with the relevant job
  • Automation of resume parsing
  • Organizations need to build automated email sequences for nurturing, interviewing, onboarding etc.
  1. Staffing as a service

Recruiters should automate the hiring process with the help of technology and software. This will reduce the cost and manpower invested by the recruiting firms. With the use of the trending technology, the staffing process will be streamlined automatically. Specialized softwares can be introduced for this role that will carry out the entire process, right from searching the right candidate to onboarding it. This will save both time and cost incurred during a manual recruitment process.

Be it the hiring of a CEO or an operations manager, these recruitment softwares designed especially for staffing as a service help in hiring individuals based on their skillset. Adopting the technology to carry out a hassle-free recruiting service is a better option than doing the tiresome recruiting process yourself, and investing a large sum of money for the same.

  1. Social Media

Social media helps you in gaining awareness for your firm and provides you with the opportunity to position your organization and develop the personal brands of recruiters. This proves to be a great way to reach the clients as well as the candidates. 

Approximately, 96% of the recruiters are on at least one of the “big three” social media platforms. About, 92% of the recruiters confirm that social media helps them in finding potential candidates.

Most of these hirers are either using LinkedIn or Facebook to search the candidates. But, there are other platforms too that can help in the recruitment process, such as, Github and Stack Overflow can be used to hunt for developers. If recruiters start sharing quality content over these websites as well, they will find better prospects and better reach to their potential and skilled candidates.

Things you can post on social media for better reach

  • Blog/articles offering career/interview/salary advice to the job seekers
  • Job openings and descriptions
  • Testimonials and quotes from already working/placed candidates, and clients
  • Video of recruiters offering tips on the interview process and more
  1. Artificial Intelligence

AI is the future of the staffing industry. Traditional methods of hiring still require the recruiters and the candidates to perform the long and extensive process of examining each application manually and then calling in the candidates for interview. With the introduction of AI, there will be intelligent staffing and management as Artificial Intelligence removes this manual task.

AI recruitment is highly sophisticated as it creates algorithms based on neuro-linguistic and machine learning processes. Once the AI algorithm has been generated, this platform can act as a digital recruiter. This, in turn, will help in recognizing the employer requirements and identifying the potential candidates.

  1. Weekly payroll

Meeting weekly payroll is one of the biggest challenges faced by the staffing industry. Growing companies need consistent cash flow to carry out the hiring process. When the time is crucial, waiting for two or three weeks to get the cash is not an option. But, with the help of payroll funding, you will have the cash you need for technological advancements, supplies and to fulfil the other requirements.

  1. Integration of Sales CRM

If your sales CRM is integrated with your candidate’s CRM, your recruiting processes are more effective and easier to use. The benefits of an integrated sales CRM include-

  • Integration of Activity Management
  • It helps in the linking and connection of candidates, jobs, companies, and placements records.
  • Auto-matching of the candidates with the jobs relevant to their skills
  • Pipeline visibility

With the usage of these trends and practices in future, the staffing process will become easier and quicker, both for the candidates and the recruiters.

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