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Case Study- Revolutionizing IT Operations

Case Study

Revolutionizing IT Operations at a Major client with NAKA’s Co-Managed Support

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Ongoing Projects/Engineers


AV and Facilities Departments


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A renowned major client based out of Jersey City, home to the largest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere, had a small in-house IT team consisting of:

  • 1 Senior IT Executive
  • 1 Network Engineer
  • 1 Outside Consultant for Firewall and Network Security
  • 3 Helpdesk Technicians

The client relied on a basic ticketing system used by the IT, AV, and Facilities departments. Despite the disorganization, they managed to handle the consistent workload with the available resources.


The Challenge

The client faced a critical situation when two of the three helpdesk technicians resigned. This left the remaining technician overwhelmed and on the verge of quitting. The Senior IT Executive and Network Engineer were forced to handle user support tasks, diverting them from their primary responsibilities. This situation was unsustainable and threatened the client’s operational stability.


The Solution

NAKA stepped in with a co-managed support solution to stabilize and enhance the client’s IT operations. The following measures were implemented:

  • Ticketing Service Boards: NAKA established three separate service boards to streamline operations:
    • User Support/Techs
    • Ongoing Projects/Engineers
    • AV and Facilities Departments

This setup significantly improved accountability and organization across departments.

  • Network Monitoring: NAKA implemented comprehensive network monitoring for both on-premises and cloud-based devices. This proactive approach allowed for early detection and resolution of issues, reducing the need for daily reactive troubleshooting.

The Impact

The introduction of NAKA’s co-managed support and organized service boards brought immediate relief to the client’s IT team. Key outcomes included:

  • Improved Efficiency: The clear division of tasks and responsibilities allowed the Senior IT Executive and Network Engineer to return to their high-level tasks.
  • Enhanced Accountability: The new ticketing system ensured that all departments were accountable for their respective responsibilities.
  • Proactive Management: Network monitoring enabled the team to address potential issues before they escalated, significantly reducing downtime and improving overall system reliability.
  • Staff Morale: The restructured support system alleviated the overwhelming workload on the remaining helpdesk technician, preventing further turnover and boosting team morale.

NAKA’s co-managed support transformed the client’s IT operations, turning a potentially catastrophic situation into a model of efficiency and organization. By implementing structured service boards and proactive network monitoring, NAKA ensured the client’s IT team could focus on their core responsibilities while maintaining high levels of support and service across all departments.

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